melb reunion in bali '19

07 August 2019

As I'm writing these words, they feel almost cathartic. First post in 2019. I knew I said I was back (lol december last year but who's keeping track....), but life demanded I be present and focus on things at hand. January was really hectic, my dad was in the hospital for a month so all of us were back in KK manning the fort for him. He's all good now! But looking back, that must've thrown my groove and rhythm off from a proper return to this space.



I'll elaborate more on the next few posts but long story short, I'm finally a coach at The Playground in NADI, Bangsar. Its been an intensely fun journey but that's a post for another day. 

Just to ease in on my return.. I'll start with the most recent since its still fre$h in my mind.

Its been more than 2 years since I graduated and left Melbourne, and yet many of the most recent posts on this blog from 2016 include faces splattered between these pictures below. Point being, they were incredibly special then, and still as special in my heart today. 

Thankfully, weddings and engagements have kept us all close. But planning a destination reunion to reunite us all from the different countries transpired into the Bali trip. In total, we came from 8 countries so choosing a common denominator location to fly into made it somewhat convenient (no shade to the ones who flew from Melb). 

8 days, 7 nights. 14 people. 8 countries.


Complete 14! 

Day 1

We all arrived in the afternoon, pretty much not much. Lounged in the villa, just catching up with everyone.

Faiz & Russ reunited!

Double trouble with Kelly! Mannnnnn, so many of my 2016 posts was saturated with her presence. 
Still my number 1, so many years on. 

Lounging at the pool with the girls 

After we checked in, walked around Seminyak.

Trent! Our biggest pinoy boi 

First one to dip the pool


Lunch at Nook before we went to Omnia. 

Waiting for the girls to finish getting ready 

Jo, Noey, Sooj and Kelly <3 

With my husband in crime hehehe

Caren & Trist

Charlie w his cmi face hahahaha & Champs


The drive to Omnia was next level. So many small roads and turnings and just in terms of LENGTH, the duration of the drive was long af. Coming back was a nightmare. Car sickness final boss. 

Sunsetttt but no sun hahahaha

Day 3

ATV in Ubud. We didn't use our phones for the whole experience, just soaked in all the paddy fields scenery. 

Break time

Sorry environment :-( Look at all the plastic bottles

Awesome experience, 10/10 would go again. After day 3, 14 pax became 10 :( They were only there for the weekend.

Day 4:

Chill day at the villa. Had brunch at Kilo. 

Early morning coffee run with Faiz and Champs

This oneeee thooooooo

Acai bowl

Egg with potato! 

FAVOURITEEE. Squid ink rice with crispy calamari

Tobiko pasta

Lamb sausages with hummus

Came back to tan and lounge by the pool

Ordered martabak! Thanks to Caren, got a new fav. Cheese and Chocolate!!!!!!!!

Trent 0, Pool 1

Before sunset, we drove to Jimbaran Bay to have dinner. Currently the dreamiest place in Bali at night, for me

LOOK AT THAT VIEW THO. Pics don't do it justice, like Liz said, my eyes are better. The OG camera. Hahahahaha

Fresh seafood, perfect company and a dreamy dinner-spot, I'm done w life

Day 5:

Full day at Nusa Penida island. Woke up at 630am to make it for the 7am jetty trip to the island. SO TIRING BUT SO WORTHHHHH.

NUSA PENIDA! I luff u. 


Can't get over it so if there's replications idc

The hike down... was.. a goddamn.. struggle. After the mid-point, there were no actual stairs no we had to climb vicariously down over the rocks, making sure we don't slip. Coming down was 1 hour plus plus. Coming up was 30 mins lol.

We weren't planning to get wet but after that trek down, we now had to. Just by sheer principle. Hahahaha MUST TOUCH AND GET IN THE WATER. Waves were crazily big tho. But Shawn dived head in like the mad mf he is.

All ready to trek up!

Example of the path bahahhaha fuck our lives.

If anyone knows the name of this place, HMU! It was their first day of operating. Girl in the black cap got mad taste in music. 

Haven't eaten in hoursssss and hungry by this point. We stumbled upon this cute little nook with grilled cheeses and AMAZING MUSIC. I asked the girl for her playlist ASAP. Hahahaha.

Day 6:

Last day before we checked out of our villa at Seminyak, before 10 becomes 6, before we make our drive to our 2nd villa at Ubud.

Last brunch with Champs, Sooj, Shawn and Trent before they flew back to Melb & Cambodia :-( 

Milu by Nook. Nicer than the original Nook lol


Mine. Burger was great. Patty good. Bread good. Potato wedges, not so good. Hahahaha

Mee goreng

Fish and chips

Tuna quinoa roll


Went to the one and only place to shop hahahaha. 


Went to the spa after! Feels so good especially after yesterday's full day of trekking and being burnt af. 

I had a aloe vera mask all over my body then they wrapped me in cling wrap. SO GOOD.

DAY 7:

Ubud! 14 became 10, now the number count is at 6. Only couples so it was a nice getaway from the beach. 


Bali Swing - Crispy Bebek - Luwak Coffee Farm - Ubud Art Market - Sayan House


Cute friendly cat meow-ed his way into our living room

First stop! Bali Swing.


Went to Crispy Bebek by the Sawah for lunch! Caren's favourite place in Ubud.



Checked out a Luwak Coffee farm. 

Luwak poop + coffee beans. Hahaha

Naturally roast their green beans

Coffee and tea tasting platter. Durian coffee was yummehh

Walking to Ubud Art Market

Sayan House for dinner. Last dinner of the whole trip :-( 

Honestly can't do these pics justice. One of those, 'got to see it to believe it' places. Dreamy and incredibly airy.

FOOD WAS 100000000000% 

After dinner, we all came home and played uno stacko and ate martabak. Hahahaha.

Day 8:

Flight in the afternoon so we all woke up pretty early. Fucking sad lahhhhh to say goodbye to this trip and everyone. Huhu. 

14 to 10 to finally, 6. 

Bali was a much-needed trip for the year. The first holiday I took this year after started taking work. I'm so happy it was with the people who meant the world to me. Throughout this trip, I realized my screen time was significantly reduced, I was just soaking in the energy and the presence of the whole place. 

The whole time, I just kept thinking, 'wow, I'm so freaking lucky and grateful to have friends like these.' I love how packed the days were with brief reprieves here and there. It struck the perfect balance between chill and a holiday. 

I guess that's it.

 I'll be posting soon for the next post, my current fitness journey in 2019! No, it won't take me another 8 months... Hahahaha. Look out for it in the next week. 

2nd half of 2019, I resolve to be a bit more productive with my blogging, I miss documenting my thoughts and my memories in one fluid space, with no metrics, no likes, no comments. Just pure sharing. 

Hope you're all well. All my love and more to you.

Lots of love,
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