sara's flower power 22 - part 2

29 November 2016
Here's part 2. Weather was overcast which was perfect for photo-ops. Hehe.


Serving tuna tataki on a spoon

Mimosa bar with fresh fruits

Sweet carts

Red velvet lamingtons

Lemonade cart

Sneaky dessert 

With Brenda and Arren

Ika-Chan who flew down on Sunday morning just for my birthday lunch :'( I'm blessed not only with 1 sister but 2! 

Faiz's suit matches the girls who all wore white and I matched the guys who wore black / navy hahahahaha. 


Of course I had to have 22 balloons heheheh

My beautiful Ika-chan

Kim, Elle and Jasmine

Arren, Xy, Patrick and Stephane

Arren & Brenda

Kim and Elle

Ling, Rich and Rhenda

Nina and Brenda

Elle, Kim, Tim and Faiz

Look at that Kimmy lol
Brenda, Arren, Beatrice and Dezmond

Fulton boys!

Bella and Kim. Missing Kara and Medina

Birthday cake!

Brenda and Kim

This Kim cannot stay in character lol

Ling, Rich who I met through Faiz in first year! Almost 4 years of friendship.

Faiz's details

Beatrice and Dezmond

Lucius and Alanna

My adik and i


Sooj, Shyna and Kelly

Sooj and Adik

Sooj and Ika

SAME CALVES!!! Hahahahaha Jaz is so funny I love her

~cool gurl bella

With my beautiful girls!!!!

Sailormoon pose HAHAHA

Our "serious face" look at Elle's behind me AHHAHA dying

Took sooo many photos with the girls but only 5-6 with the guys hahaha

All dapper in suits and bow ties

No one got the memo to jump

Patrick - Fulton's dentist hahahaha

Candid photo lol... Arren and Faiz using the same shoes!

Gal pals 


Bundle of sunshine, Elle

Ee, Sooj and Kelly

Fulton family! 

You're all like little suns in my colourful life. 

Lots of love,
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