melbourne cup / rockpool

25 November 2016
Had a public holiday for Melbourne Cup on the 1st Nov.
 Treated adik to a nice steak lunch for her first post 9in6 meal.

Adik asked "why am i wearing carpet shoes" HAHAHA

So cute 

Plain pink cover but stuck these on separately hahaha.

I always get excited for their sourdough bread

Bread so good I can have it by itself


Sweet potato and pumpkin with yoghurt

Roasted potatoes in duck fat

Perfeeeect medium rare

Fancy dresses for Melbourne cup

The day after we came back for lunch! Sat near the bar and had their wagyu burgers.

5/10 burgers. Come for the steak but not for the burgers

Faiz's steak sandwich was really good though!

Iced long black


Till next time!

Lots of love,
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