eureka climb 13.11

27 November 2016
After waiting for a month, Faiz and I climbed the tallest residential building in Australia, Eureka Tower! We climbed over 1600 steps and over 88 floors. 
My best time was 15:03 minutes. Best time for ladies was a nice 8 minutes. 

It was great raising our heart rate for charity. I raised over $630 for Interplast and Whitelion. 
I can't wait to climb more stairs for good causes in the future. 

What are the chances that my bib no. are my parents birth years?! 1961 and 1968. 

Reached at 9 am to register.


Our view for the next 88 floors.



Gloomy day for Melbourne city but a great day for Suming!!!

So happy we climbed Eureka together!!!


After we descended down, it was the firemen and policemen's turn to climb... With all 20 kgs of their equipment. RESPECT.

Full on gear.

Faiz and I went to Tim Ho Wan after for a dim sum lunch! The chicken feet is for me!!! I love it hehe.

And then later at night we had sushi train for dinner, where our sushi literally comes in a bullet train..

Scampi nigiri!

We never win any of these sushi lotteries but we DID!!!

Free green tea ice cream. 

I hope everyone has a brilliant Sunday ahead of you!!!

Lots of love,
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