the art of acceptance

07 October 2016
“she’s not that pretty.”
“he’s not that smart.”
“she can’t sing that well.” 
“he's not that strong.” 

Why do some individuals have this incessant need to annihilate another person’s self-esteem? Does it stem from feeling threatened? When you feel threatened, you reduce someone else’s value to make YOURSELF feel better by putting yourself on a HIGHER pedestal than them. Who are you to account for and judge someone’s worth and pinpoint it on your own biased spectrum? 

Why can’t we look past that? I’ve overheard someone speak about another girl, “X is really shallow, she only knows shopping and living the luxe life,” SO WHAT?  “she’s not that smart, I heard her grades were just OK” SO WHAT? Does that make them less of a person than you are? 

The brain and the mind are marvellously amazing. You can love many things, no matter of its monetary value or lack thereof, and STILL be a person of substance. You can still feel a multitude of emotions; crash heads with the turmoils of struggling sadness, the pure joy of happiness and the delight of laughter. These are universally binding feelings, manifested in many forms - felt the same way no matter the age, race and the $ in your pocket. You don’t know what they’ve battled in the past so don’t be so quick to make preconceived notions before you even take some time out and get to know the gal.

I am sometimes guilty of having the train of judgemental thoughts hit me before I can say "stop" but it's all about being reflexive; taking the time out to be critically aware of your thoughts, prejudices and preconceived notions. I had a chat with Bella about this and she said, "while our brain may quickly jump to these conclusions/beliefs, or society may have constructed these intrinsic behaviours, the thought that follows are the most important. We can't control what comes to mind immediately but we can control what we do with that thought and therefore what we bring into action."

There are millions of people who think differently than you so at least try and learn to be more accepting and kind.

Do not reduce someone to the number of likes on their photo, their insta feed, the number of selfies they take, or what they choose to buy and display.

They are, so, so much more than that. 

Enjoy your day, keep doing you and take a breather; life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. 

Lots of love,
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