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12 October 2016
A collection of things, events and days. I've been super efficient with blogging lately and if you're wondering why, its bc I'm procrastinating with the 4 essays I'm meant to do... But once I get this post out of the way I'll jump right on it (this is the mantra I've been telling myself for the past 2 weeks).

iPhone 7+ jet black

Pre-ordered on the 9th of September and I was literally 1.5 minutes past 5:01 pm and my order got pushed back onto the 2nd batch. So it took the phone agessss to get to me. Almost a month. But my sister's matte iPhone 7 came right on time on the 16th of September. I was contemplating between the rose gold or the jet black but Faiz told me my 6s+ was rose gold so might as well try something new! 

All of the photos here except for a few fuji ones were taken with the i7+. 

I use a case over the phone coz I heard this particular finish is insanely vulnerable to scratches!!!

I loveeeee my case and its glossy finish. Got the all pink iRing from Osaka when I went early of this year. 

Proud Mary

Haven't been to this cafe since my first year in Melbourne! Still coffee. I got Faiz roasted coffee beans from here for his little guy.

For the past 5 weeks, I've been comfortable drinking more long blacks instead of the usual flat white coffee. I watched a documentary a few months ago and it said how milk is bad for your skin bc of all the hormones in it and I've experienced this first hand. When I was in Trinity, I had 3-5 cups of cappucinos a day and my skin got SO BAD. Tiny little dots all over my forehead and nose. I'll still have the usual flat white but it'll be a once a week treat and not my go-to coffee drink anymore. 

I used to think long blacks were so bitter but now I've been really enjoying the taste of coffee. Faiz makes the best long blacks at home with his little guy and I've been having a cup 30 minutes before gym in lieu of pre-workouts and I'm good to go. I like my long black with a couple of ice cubes in it.

I had mushrooms on toast and we shared the ricotta hotcakes in the middle (But I ate 3/4 of it lol....) I can eat more than Kelly but definitely not as much as Kim who I think is an eating legend. She doesn't stop eating when she's full, she PUSHES THROUGH. Hahahaha.


I'm so proud of myself for being consistent with my workouts even after the 9in6 and Bikini Body Challenge. Still go 5-6 times a week, sometimes AM and PM and 2 days of 6 AM training with Andrea.

New PB for leg press. 110 KG :D 

Adik, my lil sayang who I love very very very much and is my no.1 best friend and who I am very protective of. We're both very different people but we always make each other laugh and can talk about virtually anything. She's great and has such a beautiful and kind and humble heart. 

6 am training with Andrea. She loves to drill us 100-200 rope slams as finishers.

CHRISTINA!!! Seriously one of my most favourite person in UY. I've known her since we started training together for the 9in6 on #TeamAndrea and she is so supportive and always kind and always up for a chat. On my weigh out day for the 9in6, when I hit the 9kg, she was the first person who was there and cheering me on. I remember crying a lot when I hugged her!! I always associate Christina with very happy, warm feelings.

Guns out. My biceps have gotten very developed and I need to work on my triceps now coz they're lagging behind.

Thank you, Kimmy for the gym top <3


Walked around the city with Faiz and Kelly and we tried out Tsukiji for the first time. A matcha ice-cream joint and IT IS VERY VERY YUMMY!! I love anything matcha. I hear they've opened one in KL as well so that's good! Go try it out if you haven't :) 


I ordered mine with roasted green tea on the bottom. V crunchy but I wished I ordered more of the glutinous balls.

Sunday funday

Didn't do anything on Sunday except for tagging along with Faiz to his uni to submit his assignment. Didn't take long. We just strolled around the city after. 

In the train



Find a lover who looks @ you like waffle looks @ me <3 <3 <3


Disturbing her while she lounges around on the sofa on the balcony. The weather's been getting warmer so she really loves it.

My favourite part of the day is when I wash my make up off. My current oil cleanser is Banila.Co Clean it Zero!!! Its the first step before I cleanse it again with a gentle foam cleanser. My skin's thinking yesssss god get this blob off my face. Love the squeaky clean feel.

Faiz made a latte with a face on it

My lil miss tambawow

So at the start of October, I resolved not to buy make up for the whole month and so far I've stuck with it. Can't wait for the Christmas collabs and palettes. Tbh I'm getting quite sick of shopping for make-up. I find myself using the same products over and over.

Quick express catch ups with Bella

How great is her new haircut, I love how pink her fringe is

Jeffree Star's celebrity skin on my lips

Kara's house party

Kara threw a party with her housemate since they've been living together for exactly a year. So cute and it was great meeting the gals!!! 

Look at these two with their dark lipssss

Watermelon jello that Kara made

"candid" HAHAHAH

You know shit gets real when Bella brings out Jocks ice-cream tubs!!!


Ceiling deco at Brother Baba Budan coffee

Xy who I've known since my Trinity days!! We were in the same foundation batch together.

SO CUTEEEE. Steph, E and Kels. Dumplings and chinese food for lunch.

My root <3 Watch this video and you'll understand why. The different types of people in your life as either leaves, branches or roots. Some stay for a few months, some for a few years but some stay with you throughout your whole life. She is the latter; the root in my life tree.

Donut pop up

Waiting for the girls to try on stuff at Sephora 

Look at the different calf sizes hahahahaha!! Kelly said I can knock out a guy with a swift kick using my calves alone LOL. Gotta learn to laugh at yourself!! Its fun af. 

Jeffree Star 

These arrived a month ago so a little late posting about it. Trying out his liquid lipsticks. I prefer his formula compared to Kylie's but the con, it smells SO GROSS. So gotta give Kylie this one for nice smelling products. But these ones didn't dry my lips as much as the Kylie's.

I love watching his youtube videos! I think he is soooooo funny hahahaha. One of my fav collabs of his are the ones with Laganja Estranja. They're a slaying duo, love love love.

Summer collection and his staples. Celebrity skin is my favourite. 

The shades


Yo... As I'm writing this, it's currently week 11 out of 12 for the semester. Then it's swotvac for a week.... Next week is the last teaching week of the sem how insane?!!??! IT FEELS LIKE FIRST DAY OF THE SEM WAS JUST YESTERDAY OMFG. 

Dude the sem flew by wayyyyyyy too quickly.

My classes are in the buildings that are right opposite each other hahahah. YES. 

Leaves sprouting for spring time

Marble silk sheets @ShhhSilk

I read somewhere that using silk pillowcases is really good for your skin and hair so I decided to give them a try. Got it here. They just arrived yesterday and after 1 night of sleeping in them, I AM HOOKED. They are INCREDIBLYYYYY SOFT and SILKY! They're cool to touch too and I sweat like a hooker in church at night so it feels great. I can't believe they only sell pillowcases. Imagine marbled silk bedsheets HNGGGG. Aesthetics done right.

So now I'm on the prowl for silk bedsheets bc I'm seriously addicted. 

Crazy fast shipping!

I'm gonna bring the pillow cases back to Malaysia when I'm home for summer coz I can't live without them now. When I watched TV last night, I found myself hugging these instead of Faiz lol.

They zip up so the pillows won't slide out and the quality of the silk is superior. Can't recommend them enough

I've been feeling extra extra happy, especially the past 6 weeks. Decoding the complexities of happiness and breaking it down into these few things: being kind and feeling grateful

They say, "be the person you want to attract" 
and I have the say, the universe delivered. 

I am constantly surrounded by genuine, kind, loving and positive individuals. 

Been telling myself a series of mantra "when in doubt, just be kind." And then you'll attract all the happy energy you want in your life. 

Lots of love,
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