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03 October 2016
Ohaiyo! We all spent our AFL Grand Final holiday having brunch in the sun at my favourite cafe. You know, I've lived in Malaysia for the first 18 years of my life and as a born & raised Malaysian, I am no stranger to public holidays. Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Harvest Festival, Wesak Day, Deepavali, Christmas, King's birthday etc etc I've seen it all. 

Or so I thought.

Then I came to Melbourne and found out that they have a public holiday for the final of Australia's favourite sport, the Australia Football League. Walaoooo. Shiok or what???  Hahahahaha. 

So Tristan and Stephane had a day off work while Russ, Faiz and I had a day off uni. Kelly's enjoying her last week before she commences work (P.S: U GO GIRL. U EARN THAT DOUGH!!! SO PROUD OF U MAKING DEM DOLLA DOLLA BILLS $$$) and Ee's visiting Stephane from KL.

I was looking through my photos and was trying to decide which ones I wanted to post up, but I loved them all equally with an intense fervour so I just decided to dump all of it here. Sorry for being a little OTT but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! 

My freeeens not including Faiz who was taking the photo heheh

Look at this Kelly with her smize lol

I don't think you understand how beautiful the weather was!!! Sunny and warm but not too hot. Just nice. 

If you could hear how we always laugh when we're together, you'd think we're crazy. Sometimes I laugh so hard with Kelly, I LITERALLY have to crunch down into a fetus position coz my tummy hurts too much. She looks sweet and stuff but shes one fucking funny weirdo. LIKE ME! Hahahaha.

We are so OTT!!!! My best friend & I <3 

You know I've known Kelly for more than a year and a half now but we only got really, really close 5 months ago. I am a firm believer that the quality and depth in your friendship doesn't rely on the length of time you've known each other, but on the quality of your chemistry. If they bring out the best in you, accepts you for all that you are and is your no. 1 cheerleader. I thought I've had been having good days in Melbourne but after Kelly stumbled her way into my life, I've been having the best. 

Also believe that best friend isn't a person, it's a tier lol. I have 4!!! My childhood friends, Bella and Fiqah, my high school sweetheart, Melinda and of course, Kelly. Hehe.

Look into my eyes tell me how u feel boo

Kelly and her beau, Russ who is so fair he is the same shade as the table LOLLLL

Kelly said when Faiz and I look the same when we laugh coz we flash the top and bottom of our teeth hahahahaha. Not poised at all.

Our fooooooood! I had the pumpkin salad, Faiz had the thai beef salad, Tristan had the egg's benedict, Kelly had chicken salad, Russ had the wagyu burger and we shared 2 hotcakes in the middle. Not pictured but Ee had the sticky beef short ribs and Stephane had the fish & chips.

Faiz's thai beef salad yummmy

I loved my pumpkin salad with goat's cheese feta!!!! If you're wondering why I ordered the salad, its bc I finished 1 hotcake to myself lololol.

I swear to god we didn't coordinate our outfits lol, I think it was just a funny coincidence. 

Deep in thought but I dunno about what

Ee and Stephane 

Me and the Mr.

Trying to pull off a Kelly and Russ

But fail coz cannot maintain

I remembered after this photo was taken, Kelly was like 'eh why so far. come closer'

then I said 'ok closer.' 

They do it so nicely omg. Need to learn

And that's it for our brunch!!! Spent a really long time in the sun just chatting and enjoying the warm weather. As I'm writing this, the weather as of right now is gloomy and cold and it looks like its about to rain. So ya, making me feel really grateful for the days when Melbourne decides to get its shit together. 

Woke up today in a really great mood, made smoked paprika scrambled eggs for Adik and Faiz and listened to some chill tunes and now I'm here. I've got gym later in an hour so gonna wrap this up now.

Hope you guys are smiling, happy and well.

Lots of love,
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