chrome & marble nails

12 October 2016
 After my last class for the week, I felt like being spontaneous and decided to go get my nails done. I've always done it myself at home and I wanted to treat myself to a relaxing me-time. 

I couldn't decide between chrome or marble nails so I got them both :D I got nail gel extensions too and they are the LONGEST I've had them. No seriously, they don't go longer than 2cm... Usually I'd have them really short coz I'd cut them every week. So it was a nice change. I'm always up to try something new lol. 

Anyway, won't keep you coz lots of nail photos and its hard af to type... Still getting used to these diva ass nails.

How great does the marble look though!!!!

So long I need to rethink my cleaning strategies. How to use gloves when u wash dishes?? How to type on ur phone?? 

Chrome / mirror nails

Kelly came by after work and she did her nails at another parlour while I did mine. Iris, who did my nails was soooo nice and patient while I was fickle about my designs. Gonna specifically ask for her next time!! The whole thing took about 2 hours.

Mixing super pigmented powder to create the chrome look heheh

They look reallyyyyy thick bc I told Iris to make the extensions super strong bc I need it to be super durable for the gym lol!!!


In some lights the chrome nails look really dark

But in other shades it looks really light

Today has been so productive. Woke up at 530 am for training, blogged, had lunch with Kelly, had uni, did my nails, cleaned the house, picked my sister up and now I'm blogging again! 

Planning on sleeping in tomorrow hehehe.

Hope everyone's having a good day! 

Lots of love,

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