1000 steps, dandenong

01 October 2016
Faiz and I drove up to the Dandenong Ranges, spent our day hiking, laughing and interweaving our hands while being in the midst of magnificently solitary trees. Its been a few weeks since we went but I distinctly remembered being really calm and contented. We  love being surrounded by lush greenery.

We got lost for a while because our GPS couldn't find "1000 steps" and redirected us to Silvan instead but we made lemonade and thought of it as stumbling on even more exciting places to explore. 

The GPS mistakenly led us to a car-free trail then we used google maps to figure out where the hell it went wrong hahahaha - turns out we're in Silvan! The other end of the Dandenong National Park. 

Took a lil pitstop and enjoyed the secluded trails,

After we managed to find our way out, we saw a little entrance to the Silvan Reservoir - accompanied with its very own park and playground.

No swimming allowed obvs hahahaha

After reading bits of info on the reservoir, we walked around and headed towards the playground to play with swings!!! 

Could only get on one swing at a time bc the other seat's for toddlers hahaha. 

So cute and happy

I remembered in primary school, the swing was my favourite thing ever. I used to come early in the mornings and stay at school a lil bit later just so I could swing. I love it.

That double chin take when u tryna gain momentum

After we satiated our thirst for the swings - we were on our way back to 1000 steps!

We decided to go on such a beautiful day too - lovely weather, a bit chilly but sunny, blue skies all around

After 40 minutes, we're finally here!!!

1000 steps cafe~ 

Where we started 

We went to the Kokoda track to start with.

All smiles!

The start of 1000 steps. Faiz actually counted the steps using the app on his phone and it was only 700+.... 


We must've been very slow bc this guy overlapped us up and down several times hahahaha

After reaching the peak of 1000 steps, we decided to take the long trail down of 4km and it was sooooooooooooo nice bc it was just the two of us the whole time for 1 hour plus.

Feels like its fresh out of a movie

I wish I could upload videos of the trail down coz it is v v v magical

Imagine walking this trail for an hour... Really gave me a peace of mind.

Almost at the end :)

After we were done with hiking, Faiz drove us to Miss Marples for lunch. Seriously best scones in the whole of Victoria. We first came here in 2013 when we just started dating and have been coming sporadically ever since :) This year alone we went 3-4 times. 

Best seats in the house by the window hehehe

Lavenders outside our window

Table flowers

Chicken breast and asparagus finger toasties


Belgian waffles with in-house clotted cream and berry compote


No man left behind. 

This was a great day for the suming - loved exploring new places and trying out new things with Faiz. Lots of things checked off the list; magical hikes, scones, scenic views. 

I know there's lots of duplicates for some photos but I'll just leave them here for my own personal reference :) 

Lots of love,
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