UY's bikini body challenge

26 September 2016
Here's what made my whole year: 


I took my 2nd UY challenge of the year - the Bikini Body Challenge. A 6-week program for UY members. Mine kicked off on the 11th of July to the 20th of August. With every batch of the BBC, there's only < 20 girls at one time, so the number is small but the focus is high and intense. 
Unlike the 9in6, you're meant to do 5 group classes, 5 days a week; focusing on cardio and building your cardiovascular health. The BBC includes 5 days of weight training and a strict diet of carb cycling with the usual high protein and lots of veggies. With a focus on strengthening and toning your muscle groups. 

You pay a little fee of $700+ and you get 6 weeks worth of training program, weekly updates with Andrea who's our mentor for the challenge, access to the BBC facebook group and at the last week of the challenge, you get a little fun photo shoot with the rest of the girls in your group. 

After your shoot is done and dusted - Andrea and the rest of UY coaches will choose a winner and prize them with $500 cash prize, for the best transformation mentally and physically. 

When I found out about winning the BBC, it was on Eid al-Adha and I was finishing my essay. I was OVER THE MOON, jumping up and down. Smiling from ear to ear.

With Peter the photographer extraordinaire who is also a UY member!!! He is so nice and funny - made the shoot lots of fun for everyone. 

At the start of 9in6 (May 2016) and at the end of BBC (August 2016). 4 months in between each photo.

The announcement :) 

Make-up and hair done for the shoot. Did it myself hehe.

You know, growing up I've always wanted to attain that 'skinny look' - tiny calves, tiny thighs, super small waist. It took me a long time to accept that I just wasn't built like that. I inherited muscles (muscular build - big calves) from my dad. It was impossible and incredibly frustrating, trying to attain a body that cannot and would not genetically accommodate for you. So I abandoned that quest and focused on loving the body parts I have. Self-love is beautiful and so fulfilling. It transcends your mind, body and soul. 

This was a spontaneous photo! I knew I wanted to do a tyre flip but Peter had another idea, we went to the construction site adjacent to the gym and after a little chat, the tradies decided to join in the photo.

Anyway, a day after Andrea's announcement, I was wondering what to do with the cash prize. Luckily, I stumbled on a post in FB - the Eureka Climb. Australia's biggest vertical race, 88 floors (1642 steps) on the Eureka Tower (one of the world's tallest residential buildings). The Eureka Climb aims to raise funds for Interplast and Whitelion. Interplast sends medical team volunteers to the Asia Pacific Region to improve the quality of life to those who are medically impaired while Whitelion works with the disadvantaged youth who come from troubled backgrounds in a myriad of abuse.

In a heart beat, I donated all $500 of the cash prize to my fundraising profile and with a little help from a few friends and families, raised over $650+. 

On the 13th of November (the month I turn 22) at 10 AM, I'll be participating in the Eureka Climb and climb 88 floors!!! If you are in Melbourne and would love to join, do sign up! Its for a great cause and you'll end up fitter and buzzing with endorphins. 

This is the 4th post of my personal growth tag. 
Post 123

While we're still on the topic of BBC, 
I focused on being healthy - everything in moderation. 
Anything else that manifests after that is simply a positive side effect

Before, I used to go to the gym to look great. Now I go to the gym to feel like myself. If I take a week off gymming, I'd feel myself drowning in a series of anxious thoughts and plummet to the inner depths of my emotions. But when I exercise and eat well, I think and feel clearly and I feel so, so incredibly happy. It wipes away and eliminates the circle of anxiety from my mind and instills a level of self-love I've never felt before. I feel like I'm radiating layers and layers of warm and fuzzy happiness. 

I am learning everyday. It's important to remember, growth isn't linear. There are some days I could still hear the faint whisperings of my old self, persuading me to skip gym and give myself a 'little break'. Urging me to procrastinate and fall back to my old ways. 

But my ache for happiness is far louder and electrifying, it silences and winces the words of my old comrades and their poisonous voices. 

Lots of love,
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