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14 September 2016
I'm sooooooo sorry I've neglected this little haven for so long. August and the first 2 weeks of September were filled with countless happy happenings. I'll break it down into a few posts but here's the first half. 

Chotto with Kelly and Sooj

A joint in Fitzroy serving Japanese breakfast. Didn't take photos of the food but I loved the aesthetics inside and the waitresses were so reminiscent of Japan, polite and soft-spoken. 

Sooj and Kels hehehe

Trying to squeeze in a photo of the food behind but we've obviously demolished it lol

Centre mantlepiece 

Matcha latte

We all came back to mine after to play with make-up and watch shows

I cut everyone a lil fav of mine, fruit salad

Le Miel with Sandra, Kelly & Russ

Quick breakfast and chats since the cafe's so nearby uni. Had to rush for class after but I really enjoyed my hummus and cranberry dish with fried egg on top

Southbank strolls

I've found a favourite past time - walking back to the city from the UY gym on city road. Takes me 50 mins, if I'm walking slow. I just plug in my favourite Jazz playlist on spotify and walk home. Clears my head and always leaves me feeling really content and happy. I've realised that I love to take a step back and take in every detail of my surroundings.

Clear blue skies

Sunset as I reached Princes bridge

I know I'm in the city when I see Flinders station


Favourite breakfast so far. Rolled oats cooked in water and 2 pieces of chopped dates, strawberries, chopped almonds and a spoonful of almond butter. Made my favourite genmaicha green tea.

The usual morning cuddles from Waffles

Baked some protein bread with chopped nuts

Bought salmon sashimi from Vic Market and Faiz cut them into little slices

Toasta & Co / city strolls

Found out about this little place in West Melbourne - serving A1 toasties

Dainty little interior

Grilled cheeses with horsestring fries

Walked back to the city - didn't use google maps, but just walked towards the cityscape

I love this!

Stopped by the crepe stall on Collins

Tetsujin for dinner 

Our favourite sushi train in Melbourne!

In green to match my eyeliner hahahah

Aburi salmon & scallops!!! TO DIE FOR

Mr Burger 

Anyone who knows me, knooooows I love a good burger. It's one of my most favourite things ever. I love them in all sort of style, ramly, gourmet etc.

In black and stripes - 18 y/o me wouldn't have dreamed of wearing monochrome... Oh how times have changed! 

Sunshiny day. Can see my apartment behind Faiz

Serotonin cafe with Adik and Faiz

There were a few weeks in September where I was OBSESSED with wearing blue eyeliner. Lined my waterline with a lighter shade so they contrast coz fancy af hahahahah

Light leaks are real and not digitally added I SWEAR. Just one of those days, where nature conspires to give you a solid photo

I love how the weather's growing increasingly warm - no need to layer up with coats 

Banana cacao smoothie! So filling it could be a meal but you know I don't roll like that. 10 dishes or non at all. Hahahaha.

I had pumpkin with hummus and green veggies on toast

Banana pancakes to share with adik since Faiz doesn't eat anything with bananas which is completely okay coz more for us... 

Sleepover @ Bella's

Bella's been so busy lately with placements and work so I decided to treat the 2 of us to yummy indian dinners and our favourite past time, watching shows and movies until we pass out. I am so proud of my best friend for being so strong and always working towards her goals. My inspiration, everyday. 

Can our colour preferences be any different?!?! Hahahaha

View from Bella's rooftop

Peko Peko

When Faiz and I discovered this place, we were so pleasantly surprised!!! Loved it so much, we had lunch here and then on the same day, took the Fulton people here for dinner. 

Finishing the last book of the His Dark Materials trilogy during lunch. Can't reiterate enough how much I love reading on the iPad and how easy it is to bring around. Also love the origami case because you can use it in 3 ways! I'm not really one for practicality but this one I commend 100%.


Popcorn chicken original

Popcorn chicken with honey lemon!!!

Complimentary dessert, thai milk tea panna cotta with green tea ice-cream


You guys know how much I love Shakahari!! I think it's my most loved vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne, hands down. Took Kelly here for the first time after raving about it for months and she loved the place!

MUST ORDER avocado fritters with coriander pesto.

We didn't over-order at all... 

Cliff & Toothless the cat

Cliff adopted a cat on his birthday! It was a birthday present from all of us but he chose the cat. We shared the presents of all the cat necessities and adoption fees. So happy he fell in love with this beautiful 1 year old black beauty. He decided to name him Toothless because he looks EXACTLY like the dragon! We call him Toothy for short, and he is so loving and manja and friendly. Waffles, take a few pointers pls... 

Also I love how Toothy is just a few buildings away and living on the same street as me. When I get bored of Waffles, I can just quickly walk over and entertain myself with Toothy LOL!!! (Faiz just eyeballed me reallllll hard but I'm joking) (not)

The first time he fell in love with Toothy

The resemblance is uncanny wtf

Making it official!

Look at that happy face!!! :D Toothy you can't see him at all coz he dark af

Bran's farewell @ Steer

Our friend just graduated with a Commerce degree from Melbourne Uni and heading back to Singapore to start work. So we all decided to come together for a final meal! He literally flew off the next day hahahah.

Kelly and I. I sneakily moved the seating arrangements so we could sit together lol....

Bran!!!! The nicest guy you will ever meet.

Syok Sendiri is my name, and selfie is the game

A little shot of mushroom stock anyone~~~ Hahaha

Freaking love bread and butter. Reordered this again while we were waiting for the food

Lemon meringue in a glass

Beef tartare

'Carnivores r us' reunion

Yo Steer you don't fuck around when it comes to portion control


True Thai

Crashed Kelly and Russ's massage date and treated myself to a little Thai massage. Dude I love massages. My parents and I are alwaaaaays having massages back home, especially when I'm back during summer hols, we go for massages every 2-3 days hahahaha. My tolerance for pain is really high so I love hard massages ya feel me!!

Triple matcha donuts from Shortstop 

The night is young and so are we

Kimmy and I back at the place we first went out to in first year (2013 wtfffff)


Belleville with Kimmy and Bella

A little gal pals reunion without Kara (who was in a uni group meeting) and Medina (who is back in KL for good waaaaa). 

Green interiors

Who is this oriental beauuuuty 

Keep urselves in check ladies hahahaha

A little something from Kelly


I've got a few posts lined up so I'll just leave this post right here :) 
Have an awesome day wherever you are.

Lots of love,
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