kylie birthday bundle + new shades

14 September 2016
Its official: Kylie has obliterated me, to my very core. 

After going back and forth, telling myself a mantra of I don't need its,
"you don't need it, its just pretty packaging" - next thing you know I'm clicking "purchase". 

I don't know what's worse, the fact that I succumbed or that I bought these from an eBay reseller for 3x extra. Noob.

I love the make-up bag! Feels really nice on the skin and I love the design!

All the products in the bag.

Shiny gold packaging

Leo - liquid lipstick

Rose gold and gold creme shadow - I've swatched these on my arm, showered, washed dishes and they were STILL on??? So +1 for longetivity.

Pics don't do these shades justice I swear

Dark bronze gel liner and pencil

SO CUTE!!! Mini liquid lipsticks.

My favourite is Candy K! 

Identical liquid lipstick and lip gloss

Complete birthday bundle! 

Bought new shades 2 weeks ago. I love Dirty Peach!!!! I think they'd look lovely on anyone.

How I store my Kylie lip products hehe

Seriously growing like wildfire but I can't stop :( 

I've purchased more since my last haul so waiting for a few more items to come in the mail and then I'll do another post for the other things. I love sharing my favourite products - help you girls (or boys - no judgement here, we're all friends) weed out the good products from the HMMMM. 

OK I think this is way overdue since the birthday bundle arrived almost a month ago. But better late than never! I've still got 3-4 more posts but I've got essays to write so gonna quickly finish those up and then I'll post some more! Heheh. 

Have a good day wherever you are!

Lots of love,
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