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09 August 2016

Kim's 22nd at Cumulus Inc

Had lunch at Cumulus with the gal pals. Haven't seen everyone that much this year since we're all such busy bees. Always nice seeing everyone.

Got positively stuffed with free-flow sourdough bread, foie gras on brioche, lamb, beef short ribs, barley salad and 4 desserts no less. BIG APPETITE FOR BIG GIRLS.

"I don't stop eating when I'm full, I stop eating when I hate myself" lol

Susumingming = (suming)²

Faiz and I have been together for almost 3 years now but our little sisters have never met. Could never coordinate our timings, Shereen was in KL finishing high school and Ika is in Melbourne most of the time. But they've finally met!!! And I'm so happy all of us got along, doing what we do best, watch movies and eat Halal Snack Packs. LOVE YOU 3 SO MUCH!!!! CAN'T WAIT TILL WE REUNITE AGAIN, IKAAAA-CHAN <3

Ika quick visit from Mildura for the weekend

"hey ladies now lets get in formation" hahahahaha 
candid photo of us pulling our IDENTICAL jeans up

Boo thing

My family :) 

Matching jeans check 

At home 

The usual... Waffles. Food. Decorated my balcony with sofas and fake grass :)

She's always sliding into my coats when its extra cold.


Watching TV with us

Grilled trout and stir-fried lamb sausages with brussels sprouts

Decked out my apartment balcony! Lots of space to lounge around. Can't wait till the weather gets a little warmer then can sit outside and enjoy the view.

Rewatching Grey's Anatomy. Top 3 serial tv shows next to Sherlock and Game of Thrones.

Adik and waffles

Before driving to pick up adik from uni in our pjs hahaha

Faiz made the most legit yummiest bolognese. Extra chunky and lots of flavour.

One of my favourite breakfasts. Rolled oats cooked in water and 2 chopped dates with 1 chopped banana.


Ashween's birthday dinner

Friend from KL flew down for a month and celebrated his birthday here! 
No food pics because the lighting was horrendous but great company all the same.

Birthday boy!

Best friend :) What would I do without you

Probably get stranded on an island and starve probs

The Crux & Co with Karina

If there's one thing I've learnt in uni.. It is actually really hard to make and retain friends from your course. Most of the people you meet and the relationships you foster rarely go past the boundaries of being acquaintances. I'm not generalising of course, I'm just speaking for myself.
I feel like its really hard to coordinate timings in uni. Unlike my pre-uni days in Trinity, we all had the same timetable, took the same subjects and the buildings were closer together which made it all too easy. 

Anyway, Karina and I took the same subject and were in the same tutorial class last semester. But we only spoke on the final week - the 12th week and exchanged numbers etc. Can you imagine, 11 weeks came and go and we didn't even notice each other's presence? But I'm glad we finally did!!! 

My first uni friend from my course. Hehehe. Went for brunch after winter break and had lots of fun.

Lil miss fashionista boo thang doing her thang hehe

Sneaky photo

Outside uni 

July was an arrestingly eventful and exciting month. Sad to see it go but keen to see August here. 4 more months till we're done with the year, how freaking nuts.

I've been a serial reader in July. Read Jodi Picoult's My Sisters Keeper (this book broke me btw, read it pls i beg u) and Nineteen Minutes. Kathryn Stockett's The Help and finally, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

I hope your days are filled with so much happiness and joy, you spend the rest of your day smiling and feeling grateful for how good you've got it. 

PS/ This is my 100th post on! First 100 but not the last, fingers crossed.

Lots of love,
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