chasing endorphins

09 August 2016

Ft. Fulton 

I spend so much time with everyone here, they're starting to feel like a family. They can transform the most mundane, tedious and monotonous task into something happy and radiant. Everyday I feel thankful for being surrounded by driven and contented people, who make me laugh and fill me with the most colourful feelings. 

Kelly took us here and showed us a few pointers on how to pose (hehehehe). 

Saturdays are spent chilling on Kelly and Russ's bomb ass inclining couch 

Sat crew. Have lunch outside then come back to Fulton and binge watch shows all day 

Trying to take a photo with the flowers hahahahah

Cannot maintain laughter lulz

Crazy baby Gav graduated from Melbourne Uni & flew back to Jakarta. Next June it'll be me :'(

Trent who is basically a giant with balloons casually stuffed in his pockets hahahahaha

Shopping day with Kels <3 I am really impulsive but she keeps me grounded.
"think about it first then we come back" 

I'm trying to look back and think of a day where we're not laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, and I can't think of any.

 Running out of superlatives but its the most heavenly feeling and I hope you'll find a friend who makes you feel that way. 

Trying on the same lip colour but she fair af so looks a bit different on her than on me... Hahahah

Trying out this burger joint on our street with everyone. Meh. Still prefer 8bit. But I'll give it another go next time and order a different burger. Heheh.

On our way to get bagels

KEARNAGEEEEE. 2nd time seeing Bryan Kearney aka psy-trance god. 

About to watch Joel Fletcher. 2nd Bounce god only next to Will Sparks (who is coincidentally his best friend hahaha)

JOEL FLETCHER! Probably my 6th or 7th time watching his play.

Trying Tim Ho Wan for the first time. 

Higher Ground with Kelly

Sister cafe to Top Paddock and Kettleblack with a similar menu/aesthetics. 

Really high ceilings and stripped down brick aesthetics

Mountain menus coz it's a "higher ground" geddit??

Shared mushroom on polenta with their infamous hot cakes.

Lune Croissanterie with Faiz and Adik

Dude can I quickly say - ABOUT DAMN TIME??? 
I've been waiting to go and try their croissants for YEARS but I haven't coz of 2 reasons: 
1) Before they moved to their current warehouse location, it was a tiny little bakery and you'd have to start queueing at 5 am and if you got there by 8, everything would be sold out. 
2) I've been holding it off coz I. FREAKING. LOVE. CROISSANTS. and have no sense of self-control, whatsoever. I'd end up eating the whole thing... So I've been putting it off until I've lost a bit of fat and can afford to binge here and there.

 Confession time. 
I had 5 croissants. In 1 sitting. 

Outside Lune, wearing Faiz's sweater

Lune Croissanterie's warehouse cafe

YUMMMMM. Best croissants I've ever had in my life and YOU KNOW I DON'T DISCRIMINATE CROISSANTS. Apparently dubbed world's number 1. Just ask New York Times.

Beautiful and functional packaging so the good buns don't get soggy.


I can't believe 2 full years (4 semesters) have come and go. 2 more semesters till I'm done and I'm feeling a little bit sad because I know it'll go by so quick. But no point moping around, just make the best of it while you can! 

Beautiful day in uni outside of Old Arts

Grateful for water dispensers everywhere coz I chug down at least 3-4 litres a day. 
And then have to excuse myself in tutorials every 15 minutes coz I have to pee. 

First day back and I'm too early for class. So whip dat phone out and catch a selfie. 


I'm on week 5 out 6 for the Bikini Body Challenge and I am loving it so far. 11 more days till I'm done. No complaints, love the company, the training and the results. 
I can't say that I miss cardio now that I've been doing lots of lifting. But I still have to do it 4-5 days a week. Different sensations of chasing endorphins. Love it all the same.

2 Sundays ago, Trist took Faiz and I to Fitness First for a leg session.

With my awesome boss lady trainer, Andrea who co-founded UY with her husband, Andy. 

60kg semi-stiffed leg deadlifts. Current PB is at 65kg but I hope to increase it to 75kg by the time I'm done with the BBC! Fingers crossed!

If you're wondering why I don't have shoes on, if I'm doing compound exercises like squats and deadlifts, I prefer doing them barefooted coz I can grip the ground/distribute my weight better, hence, resulting in a more efficient lift.

100kg on the hack squat. But with the barbell I can only do up to 60kg :) 

Right after sunday's leg session, we played badminton with Faiz's uni friends at Altona. 


I wrote something a while ago and with the blue-sky filled photos above, I feel like its relevant to share it with you guys. 

What is the original problem? That you cannot be content with life as it is, you require something external. All external things are by their nature impermanent. So how is a person going to feel who is dependent on impermanent things to be happy? He will be constantly shaky, angry, and afraid. You should not build your castles in the sand. There is no woman, man, job, situation, friends, or dream out there, that will fill the emptiness you have inside. It will remain there until you die unless you go and discover who you are, in your inner depths. 

The real question is therefore; who am I? 

You are not your job, because your job might change and yet you remain. 

You are not your reputation, because your reputation might change, and yet you remain. 

You are not your feelings, because your feelings will change and yet you remain.

 You are not your thoughts, because your thoughts will change and yet you remain. 

Everything around you and inside you changes, constantly. You are not this, you are not that. 

Only one thing remains unchanged, the one who experiences, the one who watches all these changes. 

Who is this watcher? Who is the one to whom all experience happens? 

The blue sky is not tarnished by harsh winds, by white clouds or stormy weather. Even the darkness of space at night leaves not a single mark upon it. Whatever comes and goes on the canvas of the sky, it remains. 

You are that vast sky in which everything unfolds, in which the world is perceived, in which your senses frolic. Sometimes it is sunny, sometimes thunder and rain, sometimes just gray. But you are not the passing weather, but the sky in which it unfolds. That which is unmoved, untarnished, untouched. 

Always innocent, always pure, eternal, effortless, still.

 Realize this and you won't have any more questions, and you will never be afraid or angry again.

Lots of love,
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