mellifluous ecstasy

09 August 2016

Kim's 22nd at Cumulus Inc

Had lunch at Cumulus with the gal pals. Haven't seen everyone that much this year since we're all such busy bees. Always nice seeing everyone.

Got positively stuffed with free-flow sourdough bread, foie gras on brioche, lamb, beef short ribs, barley salad and 4 desserts no less. BIG APPETITE FOR BIG GIRLS.

"I don't stop eating when I'm full, I stop eating when I hate myself" lol

chasing endorphins

Ft. Fulton 

I spend so much time with everyone here, they're starting to feel like a family. They can transform the most mundane, tedious and monotonous task into something happy and radiant. Everyday I feel thankful for being surrounded by driven and contented people, who make me laugh and fill me with the most colourful feelings. 

kylie x colourpop haul & make up

06 August 2016
It is no secret I love make up. Its so fun and exciting, especially when you get to try new products and create new looks. I love spending time with my girlfriends and Faiz's sister, Ika in Sephora, crouched down somewhere and putting a million swatches on my arms. Looking up reviews and youtube tutorials online. I love it! 

I was watching a funny video and this girl said, "people think its all fun and games with make up, but I don't think I'm fucking around when I buy a $50 highlighter." Hahahahaha. PREACH.

This post is 2 weeks too late, since my Kylie parcel came almost a month ago while my ColourPop parcel a little over a week. So let's not waste any time and get straight into it!

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