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12 July 2016
If you're wondering what a "Fulton" is, its actually the name of an apartment here in Melbourne. 
On Franklin St, to be exact. Where my apartment, Milano is.  

So funny story. I've been hanging out with these group of people for more than a year now. Last year, we used to congregrate every fridays and weekend nights after uni at a friend's place a few blocks away from mine. Then this year, the whole lot of them (like 7 people) moved to Fulton which is on the same freaking street as me!!! Its freaking great, being so close to your friends. Literally 4 minutes away (I timed myself, from lobby to lobby). Hahahahah. Plus, Franklin St is the shortest street in the city. 

I'm actually the youngest lol. The only one still in bachelors - all of them completed their bachelor's at Melb Uni (except Faiz) but I only started hanging out with them after they graduated.. Most of them have graduated, working or doing post-grad in Melbourne Uni. So the ones with uni have a muuuuuch hectic timetable than I do because they're all doing architecture, chemical engineering, medicine and dentistry.

 I've been spending lots of time with the Fulton family this year. They make me so incredibly happy and its just always nice to see everyone, everyday. 

Its funny coz even though we see each other so often, photos are rarely taken together. So here are a few that I managed to compile from a few months ago. 

Kelly!!! The one I'm closest to :) I love her so much, always laughing together and just good vibes all around. No fuss.

Celebrating after my 9in6 weigh out, last month in June

In the lift at the Rialto tower

At Lui - with the best view of Melbourne

With Caren (before she left :'() and Kels watching Descendants of the Sun

Adidas fiend

My burger treat with Kelly and her boyf, Russ after the 9in6 


Market lane coffee run. Its literally less than 5 minutes from our place

In red for Caren's birthday in May. She went back to Singapore when I was still doing te 9in6.

Keren Kaliman <3 The first one I met in the group!! I miss her all the time. Hi Care if you're reading this. HEHE. Come back soon!!!!!

Kelly and Gav. Thank god, we all got the nude heels memo.. HAHA

Sooj, Sandra, Wen, Kelly and Gav. So much love!!!!!!!!

Fulton boys. The only ones not staying at Fulton are Faiz, Xy & Trent but they're always at Fulton so no difference -_- 

At Fulton for Caren's birthday

Waiting for the birthday girl

Caren's birthday!!! She left a few days after :( 

At the airport :'((((((

Lovebirds. Caren and Trist

Taken less than 2 weeks ago <3

I've been driving around in Melbourne so much that I can't remember the last time I walked around the city. It was a beautiful day with beautiful weather. Here are some pics I took on my stroll.

Juice run

Painted entirely with the cross-section of a celery stalk. Crazy talented.

Wow, looking at all these photos make me feel so damn grateful that I'm surrounded by such lovely people. Its an amazing feeling, to just step back and marvel at all the incredible beings in your life. 
Life is way too short to spend it with people who make you unhappy and anxious. 
Birds of a feather, flock together. So flock with those who are nauseatingly happy and one day, some of it is bound to rub off on you too.

Lots of love,
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