bella turns 21

03 July 2016
Bella just turned 21 yesterday and threw a bomb party at her place! The theme was "come in your best op shop gear" so the options were endless. You can dress up or dress down and come in a wedding gown, or a golfing outfit - anything! Really fun theme and challenges you to be incredibly creative. 

Happy birthday Bella! You are such a beautifuuuuuuul soul and I'm grateful to have you as a support system. You make me laugh so much and you're always there when I need a shoulder to lean on. You are kind and loving and I hope you start giving credit where credit is due, because its about damn fucking time you realise the beautifulness and perfection, that is, well, you.

Have a 21st birthday baby!!!! I wish we could go back to our 6-7 year old selves and give them a high five for becoming friends at Sutera Harbour Kiddies club while our parents play golf... We've done pretty well as 20 year olds and I can't wait for the years to come. 

You're stuck with me for life. Happy birthday, best friend!!!!
I love us and the way we love each other. 

Medina inspired turquoise + white liner

The best part about op shops is how cheap it is! Just clothings alone, Faiz and I spent exactly $18. Hahahaha.

Daniel came as drag & Medina flower princess 


BIRTHDAY CAKE! Tish baked the most god-like passionfruit sponge cake. YUM.

Luke bby

Alicia, Mark, Kimmy, Bella & Lily

HAHAHAhahahha dee dee staaph.

Gal pals missing Kara who is holidaying in sunny Mexico :(

I love birthday celebrations. Always a good time bantering with friends and stuffing myself with cake. 

Happy birthday again, BELLAAAAA <3  

Lots and lots and lots of love,
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