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14 July 2016
3rd post of the week just because I'm feeling a little extra 100%. My 2nd UY challenge of the year kicked off on Monday, 6 week Body Bikini Challenge. This time there's no deposits so you've got to pay $700+ for the program and there's a little photoshoot with your UY team mates after. If 9in6 was more about getting comfortable with cardio and HIIT exercises, the BBC is about lifting heavy weights and working out till the point of physical failure. 

I've lost a fair bit of body fat through the 9in6, so the BBC will be about toning and strengthening my muscle groups.  

Its funny coz I'm already very comfortable with lifting heavy weights from 2013. Its the cardio part that I used to resent and put off but the 9in6 changed that. Now I'm happy with both. 

Got lots of things done this week too, finally moved my dryer from my apartment balcony to above my house after procrastinating the task for YEARS. So now the balcony area is all cleared and I'm gonna spend the rest of this week decorating the fuck out of it. Hehe. Took my sister to the Dandenong Ranges yesterday for a little drive zig zagging trees and for scones at Miss Marples.  

Anyway, below are some pics I took from end of April onwards and just food, outings etc. 


One of the last meals I had before starting on the 9in6. In April with the gal pals. Mexican food at Kimmy's. Bella made fish tacos, Kimmy made guacamole and Kara made chili con carne. Medina and I just helped demolish it. Hahah

Surf and turf. I cooked medium rare steak with caramelised onions, steamed barramundi and miso eggplant for Faiz and Ika's dinner.

Alicia's housewarming in North Melbourne 

BABYYY. I really almost never call Bella by her name in real life hahaha. 

Art exhibit in QV with pink walls

Faiz made chicken crumbed katsu curry with quinoa rice

Took away 8bit burgers for lunch with Kelly & Caren. With a side of onion rings and tater tots. 

Made vegan tacos with Jan. Fried crumbed pumpkin with vegan mayo. Mhmmmm. 

Coconut based ice-cream, 100% vegan. For dessert after the tacos.

Sensory lab coffee run. My 2nd favourite coffee joint in the city. Skinny flat white is my poison of choice.

Amy Jean Couture - where I got my eyelashes permed in May. Black waiting room with mad aesthetics. Don't think I'll perm my eyelashes again though. The chemicals make my eyelashes drop.

Outdoor bar overlooking Crown Casino

One of my favourite me-times of the day, sheet mask time. 

You can see Melbourne Uni campus from my apartment floor.

Cuddle fix coz Waffles is cold.

Faiz made Kombucha. Ferment black tea + sugar for 4 weeks (2 weeks if its warmer weather) with a scoby (the organism that makes the black tea into kombucha). Its really good for your gut since its abundant with good bacteria. Helps with digestion.

Scoby that we got online. 

1st batch. We've finished this already and now onto the 2nd batch.

Hangs with my cousin Dee at Kara's. Showing off her new ink hehe.

Faiz opening his 25th birthday present

The Little Guy espresso maker + induction top 
to the guy whos solely responsible for my love of coffee. 

mMm waffles for lunch

Pulled beef burger

Cleaned my brushes with the deep cleanser Kelly got me 

New palettes 

Can I haz some mastur

The last few weeks of my 2nd year's crunch time. 5 essays to write. 

Heater feels

Skinny dip iPhona case + stickers for my mac.

Memories from all over :)

Korean fried chicken and seafood pancake.

Waffles went into the hooks and crannies of my coat by herself!

Before our movie at Hoyts. 

Belle's hot chicken

Dessert at Mamasita


With adik on the first day of Raya

Faiz :) 

My 2 favourite people having doughnuts. 

Sending her to college

Faiz has been crazy obsessed with Pokemon Go. Hahaha. This is us outside of a Pokemon gym. I don't play it so I'm just accompanying him in this pic.

Walked around Flagstaff garden. 

Korean BBQ at Hwaro

Lunch at Miss Marples. Scones not pictured 

Saw a quick pic of my transformation on the TV at UY!!! Hahaha.

After 3 years, I bought new sofa covers! Different shade of turquoise. 

Greyed my face to match my coat. Hahaha.

My uni results came out last week and I've maintained my weighted average of 86%. All those sleepless nights paid off. Thats 2nd year all wrapped up and dusted. Onto my 3rd and final year that'll commence in 10 days! Graduating next June/July (fingers crossed). 

This week has been all about good news and good energy :) Feeling really grateful.

Have a lovely day, where ever you are. 

Lots of love,
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