fiqah's graduation / sydney

30 June 2016
Flew to Sydney a couple of weeks ago for a few days. After 3 years of slaving in the library, Fiqah's finally graduated from UNSW for Jurisdoctor of Law. So proud of my girl!!! 
Ate so much in Sydney (our form of bonding), met up with Shze for a day and went to Vivid

The last time I was in this city was when I was still studying at University of Sydney in 2014 wtf. Its been so long. 

Sorry I haven't been updating, after I came back from Sydney, my parents flew down to Melbourne for a few days to send Shereen off. So I've just been spending time with them. She's here for culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and I'm sooooo excited to have her here. Been laughing together non-stop since she arrived.

I remembered the day I flew to Sydney was hectic af. I was writing my final essay for uni at 12am (from scratch bc procrastination) and I was done at 3ish am, napped for a bit, woke up at 530am to pack and left the house at 6 am for my flight at 7. But it was too late so I missed my flight then had to get on another flight at 11 am. LOL. #hektik

Ok enough talking. You know the drill. Enjoy!

En route to the city from the airport

The airbnb we stayed at was really nicely decorated. 

Fiqah's cousin ded on the sofa hahahaha


The last time I saw Fiqah was last year's Easter break in April so brace yourselves for lots of selfies hehe.

Surry hills - one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Sydney

I love Sydney weather - its about 10 degrees warmer than in Melbourne so even if its winter, its bearable.

Orlando shooting tribute at Oxford St

Walked through the park to get to the city

Reunited with my favourite bakery from my uni days here. The Dough Collective. 
Bread above is called "The Dark Horse" and its chocolate dough with chocolate and cream cheese filling HNGGGG.

Pink building for Sydney's Vivid

My second vivid! Lightshow on buildings.

Enclosed room with floating bubbles

Fluorescent bottle lights


There's only 1 flavoured froyo but you can put unlimited toppings.

Gelato's really good too!

My favourite nutella + crushed meringue sauce HNGG

In my pjs otw to Shze's place for a sleepover hahaha

Shze <3 We were in the same uni, different courses. Always a chill time. 

Our favourite snickers ICE CREAM. 

Her cute little cat, Chomby

The next day was Fiqah's graduation!!!

Getting her regatta fixed before the ceremony

Inside the hall

Post-grad ceremony

Us 99% of the time - joking about something silly

Japanese for dinner after yummm

On my last day, we went to the fish market for some amazing seafood  

I can demolish this so fast lol 

Shucking raw oysters

Brought back some cheese for Faiz

Aburi-ed scallops

Fun fact. I've known Fiqah for so long (I was 11 and Fiqah was 14). She and Faiz were in the same class all throughout high school in KK and we didn't cross paths ONCE. I only met Faiz when I was in Melbourne for college and it was through another friend, not Fiqah. Hahahaha. What are the chances right!

Took away some maracons for my man back in Melb

Had kbbq at Madang both nights and it was SO FREAKING BOMB

Best korean pancakes EVER. Mad crispy on the outside.

Last one with my girl before I fly off. 

Sydney was short & sweet, I forgot how busy it is compared to Melbourne but I enjoyed it all the same. I've got a fair bit of photos to post so expect another post sometime soon. 

I'll be staying in Melbourne for Eid/Raya this year coz my sister's culinary school starts next week so I'll be accompanying her. I'm on winter break now and I'm getting back onto the gym grind/reading/watching tv shows. Can't wait to do a little bit of exploring. 

Have a great day!!!! 

Lots of love,
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