wishtrend + innisfree haul

22 May 2016

I currently have 2 new obsessions:
1. Korean skincare products
2. Sheet masks

After roughly 10 or so only days of using the products I bought of SokoGlam, I was shocked to find my skin looking freaking pristine! I saw a crazy amount of difference + improvement and just like that, I was SOLD. Korean products work fantastically well on my skin and I'm glad to announce I've become a full-blown convert. 

At first I was a bit sceptical - how can there be so much visible improvements and so fast? Like what's the catch? 

  Anyway, so far there's no catch because my skin seems clearer and more translucent and soooo supple like you have no idea. I'm seriously shaking with excitement and happiness. I've been using Kiehl's and SKII my whole life and NOT once did I see results as fast as the Korean stuff. 

I can vouch for all of these products. They did what they were meant to do. The only caveat from this review is that I can't choose 1 single product that seemed more effective than the other. So I think the products I bought all worked harmoniously and symbiotically together. Your best bet is to just buy them all. Hahahaha.

Initially, I was running out of sheet masks so I went to look for other Korean skincare sites to purchase them and I found Innisfree and WishTrend. Don't get me wrong, I love SokoGlam but I just found the whole shipping process a bit tedious so I opted for these websites. They ship to Australia for free if you spend more than $x. 

So I came for the sheet masks, but I left with tons of skincare and 126 sheet masks all together. 


Haul from Innisfree and WishTrend. The sight of all these sheet masks make me so happy!!

Massive parcels. Super fast delivery from Korea. Ordered on Monday, parcel received on Friday.

Innisfree RealSqueeze mask sheets

I've tried a few of these since they came on Friday and they are really, really moisturising. The sheet is really thin but super saturated in serum. I don't think they're as effective as the other masks in terms of targeting your skin problems (i.e. brightening, firming etc) but it does a really great job in hydrating your skin.

Innisfree was having an offer of buy 10 and get 10 for free. How to say no? HOW? 

WishTrend parcel. I bought some skincare to try for when I'm done with the SokoGlam products. And of course, sheet masks! 

Do you see those 3 little white boxes on the bottom right? They're CosRX cotton puffs!

I put all of my masks in the fridge coz they always feel extra nice on the skin when they're cold. I wear a mask 2 times a day and I leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour. 

Toner kit from Wishtrend! Buy 3 toners for a reduced price than buying all 3 separately. 

Dissolves your blackheads at its source.

Klairs kit. Wishtrend compiled Klairs' best selling products and sold it as a pack. I have 2 bottles of the toner because 1 came with the toner kit and another 1 came with the Klairs. Hahaha. Score!!

I love oil cleansing. Life changing stuff.

Body soap. I've yet to try this coz I'm not really a fan of soap bars but hey!! Not knocking it till I try it.

Vitamin C serum in iridescent packaging. 

Sugar scrub!! Keen to try this one. 

Foaming cleanser. Tried this and it always leaves my skin feel so clean. Smells a lot like tea tree oil and you know that shit is some good ass antiseptic!

Last one in the kit, moisturiser. I'm currently in love with the Missha's snail cream. Hydrating af. So excited to see how this one stacks up!

Bought this one separately - its not included in the kit. Wanted to try this coz sometimes I get bad irritation on my skin so this just acts like a spot soother cream.

Skincare products bought from WishTrend

Some products that I've bought waaaay before I got into Korean skincare. 
 GlamGlow masks are amazing. Black for exfoliating and blue for a hydration boost.
Estee Lauder's advanced night repair face serum and eye serum. These 2 are just ok. Didn't really see a difference with my skin.

Special shout out to my favourite stuff from before.

Shiseido eye cream. Really thick and moisturising. It doesn't seep in too quickly, leaving your under eyes hydrated and supple.

A few drops of rosehip and argan, melted with a dab of Egyptian magic. 

Killer combo! Great for extra-dry skin days. But tbh I haven't been used these in a while. I've been using a combo of the CosRX snail serum and Missha's snail cream. Even though they're waaay thinner in consistency, they've been doing a great job in sealing moisture and keeping my skin dry rash free.

Everyday products. I rotate some of the serums for day/night use. 

Stuff I'm gonna try when I'm done with the current round of skincare.

My current skincare collection :)

Damn Koreans, yall really know what yall are doing so mad props to you guys. 

I'll just list the steps I take for my skin:

1. Oil cleansing 
I'm currently using DHC's olive oil cleanser. I got it in bulk when I was in Japan. Works fine.

2. Foam cleanser
After rinsing off, I'll hop into the shower and use my cranberry foam cleanser.

3. Exfoliator
Either GlamGlow's black tub or Neogen's gauze peeling wine. This is only once a week.

4. Toner 
Dab a spot of Son and Park Beauty water. It's not as astringent as the Witch Hazel toner I was accustomed too but it smells amazing and preps your face's PH for skincare. 

5. Water essence 
Spray Missha's First Treatment Essence Mist on my face.

6. Serum 
During the day, I'll use Neogen's lemon green caviar essence and at night, Neogen's gold black caviar essence. 

7. Serum
CosRX's snail essence 

8. Serum (optional)
If my skin's feeling a bit problematic, I'll dab CosRX's whitehead/blackhead essence on the problem areas. 

9. Serum (at night)
 Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. I'm just gonna use it till it finishes but I don't think I'll be repurchasing this.

10. Sheet Mask
After I've applied all the serum and essences, I put on a sheet mask for 45-1 hour. This is right before the heavy creams! 

11. Eye Cream
My current holy grail, Shiseido bio-performance eye cream.

12. Moisturiser
Missha's snail cream. 

13. Sunscreen (during the day)
Neogen's sunscreen 

I know its pretty extensive and elaborated but I don't see this routine as a chore at all. If anything, it is very therapeutic. Besides I think your skin should be of the utmost importance. I used to be so goddamn lazy but I'm grateful my mum managed to drill some sense into me. You'll be glad to know after 5 years of nonstop nagging during high school to put on some sunscreen, the nagging works! 

I'm always telling Faiz and my friends (boys and girls alike) to put on sunscreen. You might not see any difference now but 10 years from now, you'll thank yourself. This goes beyond the superficial layer of wrinkles and fine lines - skin cancer is very real and very tormenting, my friend.

Anyway, I'm currently on the end of the 3rd week for the 9in6 challenge. 3 more weeks and I'm done! Crazy how time flies when you're having fun. 

I hope everyone is having an awesome day and I send each and every one of you big bear hugs. 

Lots of love,
Sara aka skincare junkie
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