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04 May 2016
Newsflash: I am running out of content to post. I've been occupied with nothing but 9in6 challenge (I'll elaborate more below) and uni's about to get really, really hectic for the next 6 weeks. I rummaged through my lightroom library and found a set of photos from December last year. I keep finding photos hidden somewhere and its always a pleasant surprise. It was a few weeks before Christmas so here it is!! 

Selling terrariums on Collins St

Definitely not a white Christmas here in Melbourne! Its summer so temperature can go up to 40°C. 

View from my apartment floor's hallway

Ika-chan *hearts eye emoji*

Taking Ika for her first Chicken and Waffles at Po'Boy. They have the most insane Southern fried chicken. Was telling Faiz how I'd love to take this away for dinner and eat it while watching The Help hahahaha.


Proof these batch of photos were from ages ago. I was still using the smaller 6s. Haha.

Highlight of the night!!! Chicken and waffles with a side of maple syrup :) 

We walked to Hell of the North nearby to have dessert. 

Chocolate mousse. Not pictured but devoured all the same: creme brulee.

Trying Laneway Greens for lunch. Aesthetically pleasing salad joint on Flinders lane.

My salmon and quinoa bowl

Faiz's beef and kimchi

After lunch, we walked around for a bit and did some light shopping

QV's seasonal outdoor cinema

Potluck Christmas party

Rooftop view


And her out of this world brownie

Faiz baked his hokkaido cheesecake. So fluffy I die

3PLE S: some street shots

I'm currently on day 2 out of 42 for the 9 in 6 challenge where you challenge yourself to lose 9 kilos in 6 weeks. I don't want to elaborate too much because I'd like to properly talk about it in another post when I'm done. The general gist: not everyone can undertake the challenge (I had to apply and go for an interview), minimum 5 days a week of training, follow a strict nutritional plan (no cheat days) with a combination of mindset and psychology.

I'll be keeping a diary of the 9in6 challenge in a blog draft and I'll polish it up then upload it when the challenge is done.

I'm sorry in advance to my facebook friends, for the daily check-ins and compulsory profile pic change.. Its a requirement for the program. I went from 900 to just over 198 friends on Facebook. If you were my friend on facebook before and you aren't anymore, please, there are no hard feelings or resentment from my part :) The change didn't come from anywhere personal. I just wanted to minimize the friend list with strictly friends and family while keeping it really intimate with my progress/personal photos. 

I hope everyone is happy and being the best person they can be!!! I always tell myself, you can only do your best. So give it a 110% all-day, everyday. 

Lots of love,
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