my perfect day in may

10 May 2016
I've never done a post just on a single day's occurence before. I usually let the photos from weeks/events accumulate then I'll post it but today is a little different. I was on my private twitter, tweeting today's happenings (its my micro journal) when I decided to share today's brilliantness on here too. I'm far more open about my personal life on my twitter because only my sister and really, really close friends follow me so I feel comfortable being bare. This instance is an exception coz I need to spread this happiness around - asap. The structure of the post may be a little different to what you're used to but I guess today's a day where we all step out of our comfort zone.

Extra chatty today and lots of photos photos here and there. 
Enjoy - it's in chronological order. 

1. My 4kg parcel from SokoGlam woke me up in the morning at 730 am.

  Best way, I think, to start your day - receiving long awaited parcels. I've been obsessed with Korean skin lately, especially their sheer translucency. I think it all stemmed from watching Descendants of the Sun lol. All of the casts have brilliant skin wtf? Luckily my skincare's ran out - so I researched until I could restock it, Korean style! Fast forward 2 weeks ago, I was browsing online and found SokoGlam. I then proceeded to haphazardly add things to my shopping cart. Reading a few reviews then adding it to the cart where I see fit. The website's layout is clean and intuitive - my favourite kind! So an hour passed with lots of things added and I clicked check-out... To my freaking dismay, they only ship to the US. But fear not, my fellow shoppers because Borderlinx is here to fulfil your cyber-shopping needs!

They've made the process quite simple and they'll provide you with a US address for you to forward your shipments then they'll ship it to your original country (with a little payment of course)! Tadaaaa. That's intercontinental shopping for you. I can't stress the amount of doors they've literally (or in this case, virtually) opened for me. Hahahaha.

It sounds like its a sponsored shoutout but it's not. I don't think I'll ever do a sponsored post or ads for a third party company. I will never exploit this blog for monetary gains. This blog is 100% for my personal growth and progress in visuals. Anyway, I'm genuinely excited I've found Borderlinx and SokoGlam! So I'm sharing the love with you guys too!!!

4 kgs worth of goodies! It took 5 days for SokoGlam to send the parcel to Borderlinx and about 4 days for Borderlinx to forward it to me. I was tracking it fervently lol.

Aside from the masks, I bought 1x water essence, 1x toner, 3x serums, 2x exfoliant, 1x foam cleanser, 1x moisturiser and 1x sunblock. 

Concentrated snail serum! Never in a million years would I have dreamed of putting snail mucin on my face. But don't beat it till you try it!! They are notorious for being ultra moisturising, healing and stimulate collagen production. Google it.

Exfoliator! For those pesky white heads.

2nd exfoliator. Smells like grapes. Haven't tried this one yet but everyone on SokoGlam was raving about it.
 Next thing you know, it's in my cart. 
Impulse purchases. It happens.

Comes with a gauze-like cotton pad for you to use. One time use, of course! But you only need to do it once a week or so. I don't like exfoliating my face too often. It thins my skin and makes it extremely sensitive and dry. 

At one point a few years back, I was scrubbing my face everyday and lo and behold, ended up with sensitive skin. Sometimes it flares up really bad in the morning. One day I show you pics lol. Learn from my mistakes people!!! Exfoliate sparingly.

Can't get enough of snail!! This is snail concentrate in moisturiser form. For during the day. Whenever the weather gets colder, my skin reacts by being really tight and dry. So I need that burst of moisture, to keep my skin hydrated during the day. 

I tried this earlier in the afternoon today and it is sooo incredibly moisturising. I think I did put a little bit too much on my face because there was a thin film on my face. But it doesn't bother me coz it means I'm keeping my skin hydrated with dem goodness 24/7! 

Comes in a semi-opaque form and smells AMAZING. Probably has a bit of fragrance in it coz pretty sure the raw snail mucin doesn't smell like fucking flowers and butterflies in a jar. Peace.

I mentioned this as my day-moisturiser, when I'm out and about. But when I'm just at home and its night time, I like to mix Egyptian Magic with a few drops of argan oil and rosehip oil together then use it as a cream. It is so rich and moisturising that my face always looks like a ball of oil after. But it keeps the dry rashes away and my skin always feels soft like whipped butter the next morning. Mmmmm.

I sincerely feel like the concoction improved my skin texture. Don't feel afraid of using oils on your face guys! Everything in moderation always. Hehe.

2 serums I bought that I thought was pretty cool. I'm a sucker for anything gimmicky. Plus I'm so easily swayed by any sort of basic marketing, I am a marketer's dream demographic - vulnerable and optimistic. Hahahaha.

First one is the Gold Black Caviar Essence. Its great for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. You know how the saying goes - prevention is better than cure!

It comes in 2 parts. The first is a jar with the gold black caviar serum in it and the other's a jar with plain cotton pads.

There are actual gold flakes in here! I've read somewhere how gold flakes just melts into the skin. 
It's goodies include: facilitating cellular regeneration and activates regeneration. So its healing and strengthening for your skin! It also slows down the collagen depletion process and is a powerful antioxidant.  

Lay that baby on meeeeeee

You pour all the contents into the second jar and let it steep for 2-3 hours. 

Poured in and now we wait! I've tried this during the afternoon and I think the cotton pad is a bit wasteful. Coz it soaks up so much serum and your face can only absorb so much at a time before it gets saturated. And you can only use the cotton once because its kinda gross and unhygienic lol. So just now after my evening shower, I just dabbed some serum into my hand and patted my face. 

The way the packaging is designed is probably so it'll run out relatively fast then you'll have to buy another jar. But I've worked my way around it! Hahaha.

Ok I never rave about cleansers unless they're oil-based, especially the ones that instantly emulsifies as soon as they're in contact with water - brilliant for taking waterproof make-up off and as a first step cleanser. 

But I loooooooove this cranberry foam cleanser. I've used it twice and my face feels so clean without it being tight and dry? Which is an impressive feat because the two usually come hand in hand. So clean feeling skin without the horrible dryness? YES PLEASE. 

Lookie here! They have actual cranberries in them too!!!

Sunblock. I've tried this in the afternoon as well. Its ok, no different from the other sunblocks I've used (always SPF 50 and PA ++++). I cannot beg yall enough to put on sunscreen everyday. Shit is important. Have you seen that lorry driver who had extreme sun damage from only ONE side of his face?? Shit is real and messed up af so do your best to avoid it. I am really paranoid with sun damage like premature ageing and pigmentation etc. I don't really care if I get tanned though. I just want to prolong my skin's health for as long as possible. Hahahaha.

 I even use sunblock when I'm at home, chilling with netflix. UV rays don't discriminate where you're at, people. Those buggers can go through windows and fuck your skin up. Wear sunscreen. Save your regrets for the bigger things later on. You're welcome.

Multi-tasking toner and cleanser. You can use it as a toner, a refreshing spray or even setting spray for your make up. I haven't tried this so I can't vouch for its goodness.

Missha's famous treatment essence in spray form. I've used this twice and it's great! Its meant to be a cheaper dupe for the SKII's pitera treatment essence. I've used that too so I'll see how the Missha's one stacks up in the long term.

I love the spray nozzle. Its convenient and sprays evenly (that's what she said lol).

Second serum by the same company as the Gold Caviar serum. Same concept but different skin concerns. Lemon Green Caviar's meant to brighten skin while protecting it against premature skin ageing, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

This one isn't as fancy as the other one, no gold flakes booooo. BUT. It smells pretty awesome. Citrusy so it'll perk your senses right up! 

Just researched on the brand's packaging and apparently the gauze is meant to exfoliate while the serum permeates your skin. Meh. A bit counter productive coz I already have exfoliators! So I'll just use it for its serum formula. Hehe.

Despite my earlier negative impressions on its wastefulness, pouring it in and watching it steep was more fun than I'd like to admit. Hahaha.

Annnnnd that's it for my first SokoGlam haul! Masks not pictured because I don't really know how to differentiate them. I just use one after I cleanse and put the serums on my face, right before I put my moisturiser. 

Wow I actually had so much fun taking photos and describing these products to you guys. A few days ago my good lady friend, Caren asked me if I've ever done a review online before and I said no, I just read them. I asked her why such a question out of the blue and she said I'm always raving about these products/things to them (Caren and Kelly) and they always feel like buying it after! Hahahahaha. The power of persuasion from someone who's easily persuaded. 

I guess this is an unofficial review/description of something I'm really excited about. Feel free to go to the SokoGlam website (I know what you're thinking.. 'bitch *clap* say *clap* sokogLAM *clap* ONE *clap* MORE *clap* TIME!!! *clap* I . DARE. YOU') and check out the products. If it tickles your fancy and you're swayed by the reviews, by all means - buy it.

You do you girlfriend (or guyfriend). You do whatever makes you happy. I'm just here sharing the love.

2. I finished my 8 posts blogging assignment for a uni subject, 5 days in advance. 

Pretty stoked about this because as you all probably know, I put the pro in procrastinator and I'm always leaving things till the VERY last minute lol. Its a small achievement but it left me feeling pretty nice and happy. It was also an hour before I head off to the UY gym. Which brings us to number 3.

3. I spent 3 hours in the UY gym doing evening classes back to back.

 5:15 pm - HIIT bootcamp, 6 pm - Indoor bootcamp and 7 pm - Plyometrics. Its my first day on my 2nd week out of 6 and it's going really good so far! Since my first day on the challenge, I've done a minimum of 2 classes a day and up to 4 classes a day. Last week I did a total of 12 hours of training when the minimum was 5! I feel so exhausted and so nauseatingly happy all the time, its confusing. 

I'm pushing my boundaries everyday and I have the UY gym to thank for. The classes are so fun and exciting, they change it up everyday and the people just radiate with positive energy! Some days when I'm struggling to complete that last rep, I've got a partner next to me, pushing me and making sure I do it. Its blissful and its refreshing. Especially from the usual gym facade where everyone's involved with their own thing. I won't say more coz I did say I'll write a post about the whole 9in6 experience when its done. BUT something interesting did happen in the gym today. 

Ok so you know the basics. UY gym. Best people. Crazy positive and good vibes. 

I'll show you two versions of what happened in the gym. 
a) From Facebook (polite version lolololol)
I won't show you the comments coz of privacy reasons but I posted this on the private 9in6 Facebook group where current challengers have a little community and share their little wins and struggles. One of the many reasons why I love this gym and this challenge. I get to meet so many like-minded individuals who are so nice, it makes me feel so much love and happiness. 

b) From my Twitter

Sorry I swear like a pirate. This is me 24/7 lol. 

Ok. c) Blog version to fill up the missing gaps. 

I was really taken aback when Person X came up to me just to talk about someone else's B.O. I feel like there could be more substantial conversations, e.g. how was the class? did you find it tough? how are you going with the challenge so far? what are you gonna have for dinner after this? And another thing that is one of my pet fucking peeves, is when someone I literally just meet tries to make conversation by bitching about someone. I really can't stand negative, petty energy (I would know - I used to be one in the past but bye felicia, that was 2012). Instantly, I know what sort of character you are and I don't appreciate it!! Hello, don't focus on the rough parts in lieu of the silver linings. Life's tough as it is - so might as well enjoy the good and the happy.

I felt a bit angered as well because I felt like the person was putting everyone's positive synergy out of whack! Trying to lose 9 kgs in 6 weeks is tough as shit. I rather hear about how you surviving (chocolate-less/fruit-less/carb-less) rather than hear about someone's B.O. If you and about 30+ of your team mates are simultaneously sweating excessively during the gym, do you really expect it to smell like lavender? Pls. Reconsider your expectations.

I had the incentive to remind everyone in the group to PLEASEEEE keep it positive. And so many people commented, agreeing and again thriving on the positiveness. So this again, contributed to my already perfect day. Yasss level 999.

4. The little things

Those were the major markers of today but you can't leave out the little stuff too.
The big things shaped today, but the little guys made today complete. 

a) I changed up my caffeine intake before the gym. Last week, I'd have 2 servings of Green Tea x50 right before a 2-3 hour session. The caffeine would kick in and I'd go full on the first class but after the second class, the caffeine would start to dissipate and then the exhaustion kicks in. So last week every time I did 3 hours of training in the evening, I always come home super cranky and exhausted. But today I tried drinking 1 serving of x50 before the first class, then I sipped a 2nd serving during my 2nd class. Feels so much better! Yay. Sustained energy for 3 hours and I came home in the best of moods. Just buzzing from the endorphins. 

b) Because of the altered caffeine intake, my performance in the gym improved too! I gave 110% effort today in all 3 classes and I remembered having more motivation/energy to keep on going and pushing others around me. 

c) After gym, I had the most healthy and fulfilling dinner of quinoa, steamed fish and brussel sprouts while watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Great meal. Great episode. Can't complain. 

d) Had the most refreshing shower that left me feeling like a million bucks. In the afternoon I messed up with the serum portions and put too much on my face, but just now I got the portions right and had a beautiful lacey mask on.

e) Rekindled my love for my Fujifilm's XT-1 by taking photos of new skincare. I haven't used it since Japan!

Funny story. Melinda, whos in London, a few days ago had the same exact mask on too!!! Hahahaha. Our minds are connected even though we're so far away. Love you Melllow.

Happy skin - happy life!

f) Chrysanthemum tea as the cherry on top. 

It is such a rare occurrence for me to be so chatty while I blog, usually I'm chatty in real life while I speak with photos online. Hahaha. It took me 3 hours to blog all of this but no regrets. I had so much fun sharing all of this here. Its one of those small, significant days I'd like to immortalise and remember. 

Today feels like one of those days where I've got my shit together
and it feels really freaking fantastic.

Lots of love, 
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