faiz is 25

29 May 2016
He turned 25 on the 28th of May. 3 years of birthdays together, so we constantly try to out-do each other in places to bring for each other's birthdays. This year I chose Vue De Monde and Cutler & Co. Both are exceptional and controversial in flavours. I came to Vue De Monde for the view, but I stayed at Cutler & Co for its complex palate. 

I wanted to make sure Faiz turns 25 with a happy tummy and interwoven flavours to remember by. Besides, it's not everyday you turn a quarter of a century! So I wanted him to welcome his 25th in the most wonderful way possible. 


Vue De Monde's situated on the 55th floor of the Rialto tower. So we had dinner accompanied by sweeping views of Melbourne. 

We came here on the 26th, a couple of days before his actual birthday. Called a month in advance and I still couldn't get a reservation for the 28th. So we settled for the 26th.

We got 10 courses + a cheese board. The whole experience took us 2 hours.


Deconstructed oysters in a citrusy sauce

Beef broth in tea? This was to cleanse the palate 

Beef tea. 

Sorry! The photo quality isn't spectacular coz I forgot to bring my fujifilm. And the ricoh's great for day shots but it seriously underperforms in low lighting.

Fish crackers, Faiz said it reminded him of keropok ikan hahaha

Embroidded silverware

Open kitchen concept

Our matron serving us freshly churned butter

Rolling the butter into a ball

Brioche to eat with the bangers

YUMM. One of my favourite dishes!


3 types of fish egg

Liquid nitrogen in edible flowers. After a while the liquid nitrogen evaporates, leaving behind crispy flowers


I got sooo amused by the tiny size of the spoon

"What is this? A spoon for ants??" Hahahahah

Kangaroo meat

Beetroot slices and watercress

Wagyu steak with cabbages on top


Faiz's birthday platter

1st dessert.

2nd dessert. Vue de Monde's infamous souffle

Dusted with frozen cream powder

We went to Lui bar next door to have the cheese platter and enjoy the view!

Explaining what sort of cheese it is


Outfit for the night heheh

In the whole 3 years I've known Faiz, I've only seen him get a pimple 3-4 times.. And one decides to appear on his birthday week. Hahahaha so cute.


Ika flew down on Saturday morning to surprise Faiz!!! The two of us planned for a couple of weeks before and we managed to get a reservation at Cutler&Co. Really intimate, great food, great service. 

Ordered the degustation menu of 6 courses

Pink glittery dress 

In heels and I'm still a head shorter gglife

Open concept kitchen as well 

Beauuuuutiful ika-chan

Birthday boy (man) 

4 types of oysters

Parmesan crackers

Potatoes on house-clotted cream with eggs

Corn polenta! Looks simple af but this was our favourite


Celeriac with radish and watercress



Faiz with his birthday candle

Happy 25th to my best friend and my soul mate. Your kindness and lovable demeanour resonates with me like the sun piercing through a cloudy day. Thank you for the memories we've created together. I look forward to many more, baby. Your patience is commendable and awe inspiring, while your laughter is kind and mellifluous. What you have done to my heart for the past 3 years has been sheer, inexplicable magic. Happy birthday again my kind soul. May your upcoming days be as fulfilling and enriching as my days have been since you've waltzed into it. I love you.. Like I can't explain. I've never loved like I love you. Stuck together till the end sayang. 

Lots of love,
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