warhol x aiweiwei

26 April 2016
Bella pointed out how I've been consistently blogging and I seriously couldn't be any happier. When I blog, I'm immortalising the photographs on the digital landscape so that my future self can browse through my past photos and reminisce. I can't describe how nice it is to have an outlet to document my life's occurrences and events. As small and unimpactful as they may be, I feel like you're all on a visual journey with me as I grow, learn and inevitably make mistakes.

So thank you. For sticking around and keeping me company (and hopefully till the end).

The two of us have been planning for ages to go frequent the Warhol x Ai Wei Wei exhibition at NGV together. But of course, we waited until the VERY last day (literally) to finally pull ourselves together and go. So we went. On the 25th. Yesterday. Queued for 30 minutes. So crowded it was crazy (I guess everyone waited till the very last minute hahaha).

I love having girl days with Bella, it's just non-stop banter and positive vibes with her. One of my oldest, longest and truest friend so it was 100% going to be a brilliant day! 

We ate, we laughed, we saw art and we took photos. 

We had really moist and yummy burger from 8bit. I had the after burner. Lots of heat and chillis. HEHE. I'm glad they've opened a joint in the city. Beats driving to Footscray just for a taste of their delectable burgers~

Pastel interiors - they've even got an old-school arcade game 

Actually craving for this rn but I just had it yesterday!!?!?!

Bella says she's always bumping into this man in the city in his retro VW van. He sells coffee from his van and is actually the most nicest person ever.

Outside NGV. I know the banner says 24th April but it really ended on the 25th.

Layers of bicycles in the foyer

The queue - went by really fast. Expected to queue for an hour but it only took us half the time


30 minutes of queuing later and we're in 

Ai Wei Wei's portrait made completely out of lego 

Andy Warhol's infamous 'Soup Cans'

Pop-art self portrait of Warhol

Liz Taylor

Warhol's tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Ai Wei Wei's photographs

This one caught my eye from afar. I love the blurryness and the uncertainty of it all.

Pole piercing through a table

As we moved from room to room, we came across a little corner with balloons flying everywhere! Its meant to be for kids but there were definitely adults just tap, tap, tapping the balloons away.

Case in point

Metallic wall

One of Wei Wei's earlier and more personal piece

This raincoat intrigued me. I thought it was a contraption from ancient times for safe sex. Anyway! Description below. 

That's a miniature statue in the bottle

AAAH I can't get over the contrasting colours. So beaut.

Pink room filled with Warhol's pop art

Room made just out of legos. Wei Wei's work.


Wish I could've recorded the video. Ai Wei Wei starred in a metal music video and he depicted his experiences behind the detention centre in China. How his movements were monitored 24/7, even when he was sleeping or showering.

Shadow play

Old magazine interviews 

Both of the two artists, Warhol and Ai Wei Wei were/are cat people!! I can relate. HAHAH.

Playing around with Bella's snapchat hahaha

Luv u fren

Cat tail chair!!!! 

Final piece of art before we headed for the exit.

NGV's outside area with beanies

All smiles after being culturally enriched by all the beautiful artwork and pieces

"Some birds aren't meant to be caged, their feathers are too bright."

Warhol photobooth take 1

Take 2

Quick photoboth video.
First video, hosted by vimeo! Hopefully not my last :D 

This marks my 3rd exhibition at NGV. I've seen Jean Paul Gaultier's and A Golden Age of China. I can't wait to see what the next exhibition will be. I can't stress enough how much I love Bella-Sara time!!! Hopefully, our hike next weeks pulls through and the weather will be B-E-A-utiful. 

Currently in the 8 out of 12th week of uni and it is just crazy how fast time flies. Next thing you know it'll be non-stop take home exams and the semester will be over. The weather's growing increasingly colder so its pretty exciting to see what winter will bring. 

True to my word, I've been nonstop rewatching my favourite movies and newer ones. So far I've watched Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump (my top 2 movies of all time), Saving Private Ryan, Flipped and Crazy Stupid Love. Hehe. I've also finished the anime series, Ajin! Anyway. I'm gonna take a break from all the movies and start reading J.R.R's The Hobbit. I'm on the 2nd chapter and it's looking real good. 

I hope everyone's having an amazing day!

Lots of love,
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