mildura, victoria

15 April 2016
 How is everyone? 
I hope each and every one of you are happy, eating well and loving yourself like no tomorrow. 
Sending you guys virtual high fives and big bear hugs. 

I've survived the first 2 weeks of April, scathing and barely breathing. Essays to do left right and centre but no complaints - all submitted and I can at least breathe a little now. 
Lots of exciting things planned for May & I'll tell you more about it soon, I promise coz today I'll be talking about MILDURA! YESSSSS.

Faiz & I drove 6 hours (he did all the driving - like a champ!) to Mildura to drop off his sister Ika's new car and of course for a little quick reunion with sumingming. We stayed for 2 nights and had a very early 6 am flight back to Melbourne. 

We did a lot of eating. A LOT. I think on our only full day, we went to 5 restaurants and had food at every single one of it. It was intense. Greedy. Eat until you hate yourself kinda greedy. But so. so. GOOD.


Ika's nickname is Nash and we were on Nash lane hahahaha

The drive to Mildura! 6 hours of flat plains, almost desert-like and lots of straight roads. 

I finished reading His Dark Materials book #1, Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (GREAT BOOK - my current favourite fantasy trilogy) while on the road. I've finished the first book but I haven't started on the 2nd and 3rd because I'm prolonging the extended gratification like Charlie eating only a bit of his chocolate bar and making it last the whole year (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). So I'm reading a lot of books in between each of His Dark Materials books.

I know a lot of people who can't read in the car because it gives them headaches but I think I've done it so many times, I've grown pretty much oblivious to it.

"MIND OVER MATTER - If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." One of my favourite quotes ever from Room by Emma Donoghue.

I'll make a list soon, hopefully, of what books I've read and loved so far! I also recently finished reading the Maus comics 1 & 2 and it was phenomenal. 

Grumpy Ika-chan



The first cafe of the day! 

Loved the interiors, almost reminiscent of Melbourne cafes with their bearded baristas and wooden panels

Filter coffee

Selfie from Ika's phone hhe

We shared a bagel between the 3 of us because we had 5 restaurants to go and had to be strategic lol

Ika driving us around like a proooofessional

Second restaurant of the day

Dark and green interiors

Walkway to a beautiful outdoor area

Beautiful day to sit outside too!!

SO beautyyyyy

Ming 1 & Ming 2

My heavenly beef burger. I was a massive carnivore in Mildura and rightfully paid for it at the end of the day (I felt like I was in an inescapable food coma).

Faiz's gnocchi 

Mings and their juices

Ika had beef tacos


3rd restaurant where we treated ourselves to cakes. 
I just realised we didn't take any food photos after this but we had 3 vanilla slices at the 4th restaurant & roasted duck for dinner at the 5th joint!

Walking around the town

On our 6 am flight back to Melbourne 

I hope everyone has a beautiful day ahead! Would love to stay and chat more but I've gotta make dinner real quick. Go have an amazing weekend with lots of laughs and good vibes!!! 

Lots of love, 
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