auckland, new zealand

11 April 2016
Sometime in March, we all flew to Auckland for the weekend for my mom's birthday. 
Same usual activities, walked around a lot & ate a lot.
Faiz tagged along too so it marked his first time going on a holiday with my family!

I wanted to do a lot of outdoor and extreme sports activities like bungee jumping, atv rides etc but not enough time. So Faiz and I were planning to come back again and tick off our check-list. 

We stayed in Sky City hotel and it is right smack in the heart of the city. Stay here if you're in Auckland!! Walking distance to restaurants and shops.

Fooling around with Faiz's snapchat hahahah

Hafiz soooo handsome and cute


Face-swap!!?!?!? HAHAHA


Waiting for my dad to check us all in

So far awaaaaay

Touch-down Auckland city!


Faiz & ayah

The city reminded me of a scaled down Melbourne

If you walk down this street, you'll see really good restaurants

Grumpy face on cue

Shereen looks like she has no head hahahah

Beautiful bloomin' trees everywhere

I walk too slow 

Auckland blessed us with really nice weather!!! 

Hafiz too tired of all the walking. :( I personally love to walk everywhere!! I think its a great way to truly feel and see a place.

After dinner with my favourite person.

HAHAHA Faiz was giving me pointers on how to pose while my sister snapped the photo :P

Shereen, Faiz & I had lunch nearby at a restaurant called Depot Eatery. It was one of the nicest meals I've had in NZ!!

Oyster season so it was all freshly shucked. 


So fresh so gooooood

Kingfish sashimi

Fish sliders - SOOOO GOOD

(I should not have blogged first thing in the morning - now I'm hungry).

Another thing I want to mention, NZ people are so friendly and are pretty much smiling all the time. 

A cleaver as the door handle 


At our second lunch of the day! 

Just smile and wave, smile and wave. 

Us 99% of the time. We laugh too much together.

Quick lunch before we head to the airport

Stovepot hot chocolate

Sandwiches, bagels and fries

Generous servings of cheese and gravy on fries

Auckland was short and sweet. I really liked the place but I wished I took on more adventures. I wanna come here again!!! 

I also loved how Faiz has truly assimilated himself into the family. I love how my parents love Faiz and enjoy his company, like I do with his. 

Lots of love,

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