20 days of delirium

22 April 2016
Hello my favourite people in the world.

Sending you virtual bear hugs and lots of smiles.

It's the 22nd of April today and that means my sister, Shereen turns 18! 
So happy birthday adik (if you're reading this)!!!! I love you so much, more than words can deliver and I can't wait to see you soon. I hope ayah and ibu aren't spoiling you tooooo much back home but who cares, I'll probably spoil you silly when you're here too.

Lots of photos down below (no pun intended) and they're all taken with my iPhone. They're not divided because they're just little outings I've had here and there so its not really one big event, per se. These past few days have been filled with more joy than I can say. So I'll let the photos do most of the talking for me.

Here's a toast - to spending your days with people you're comfortable with and to the people who make you nauseatingly happy. 

Thank you :)


Fatty waffles

Green juice in the morning. I like mine with lots and lots of spinach, blueberries, apple cider vinegar, 1 whole lemon and all my superfood powders. Nice little pick me up in the am.

Never ending laughs and love with these ladies

Not ready?!?!

Brunch with Faiz and uni friends - we shared the hot cakes in the middle


My dish - peanut spread on toast with cherry tomatoes

Pan-fried Osaka okonomiyaki

I made a 3 course Japanese meal from scratch. 

Except for this. Japanese natto (fermented soy beans) were store-bought.

Osaka okonomiyaki with the goodies. Okonomiyaki sauce + kewpie mayo + seaweed shavings + bonito flakes 

Miso soup - not instant but with made with dashi stock! Hehe with silken tofu, seaweed and shiitake mushrooms.

Also steamed a cup of chawan mushi with lots of shiitake mushroom.

Aunty Edna babysitting her niece, Waffles! Hahahaha

Would you like some miso with your seaweed? (I loooove seaweed)

My leading lady, Keren Kaliman <3 Hahahahaha HI Careeeen! Love you!!!!

Sandra shy coz she reddd

Still so cute tho wtf

Lots of blue cheese on my cracker while playing poker (and losing horribly)

Whipped up some matcha soba with its sauce, miso soup, fried mackerel and Japanese styled tamagoyaki

Truffle fried rice from Din Tai Fung


Awesome view from Caren & Trist's place

Complimentary dessert from Rhenda's super bomb restaurant. Still dreaming of that sago.

Zucchini noodles with pesto

Cauliflower fried rice with pumpkin soup

Faiz's miso eggplant, grilled chicken breast, salad and quinoa

Hanaichi's Kay's chicken and chicken curry - my guilty pleasure

Nike Training Club in Fitzroy with Wen & Sandra. Non-stop hiit for an hour.

Eating all the calories we lost at Vegie Bar

Out of this world chocolate cake 

Abundance of tofu with daikon noodles in miso soup

Ika was in Melbourne for the weekend!!!! <3

Faiz not taking my stare of death seriously -_-

Ika-chan so beautiful I don't understand

Our favourite joint - soba from Shimbashi

Faiz made some incredibly yummy miso eggplant 


Veggie food from Transformer. Figs with blue cheese

Beetroot slices

Spelt bun with crispy tofu

Grilled cauliflower 

Amazzzing oyster mushrooms

Yay Pop sockets for better grip!!!

Mexican food (photo not included) with Faiz

Driving to costco!!!!!! 

We had Costco's famous pizza and they exceeded every single one of my expectations


What a bargain????? WTF just take my money???

It's just like I imagined it to be :')


I've never seen actual cameras being packed like these??? What even??

Post-its to last you your whole life

Faiz checking out some good looking thermos

If I was still in high school I would buy the shit out of this lol



Produce area

We bought 1 crate of mandarins yummy

We bought 1 kg of spinach but we're halfway done with it already hahahahaha. We put it in our smoothies, stir fries everything

Frozen macaroons 

Edamame chips

Our haul

They don't give you plastic bags so we had to bring some from home.

My favourite okonomiyaki from uni <33333

Champs making me laugh too much - LET ME FOCUS ON MY OOTD!!! Hahahaha.

That's it so far folks. I've submitted my last essay for the rest of April so I'm going to to up on my reads & tv shows. I just got on the Korean tv show, Descendants of the Sun bandwagon yesterday and I AM SO HOOKED. It's so good and I can't stop blushing whenever the lead actor comes out wtf. Kelly, Caren & I started watching it together and its been really nice fangirling and laughing with them hehehe. 

I hope you guys are having an awesome day!

Lots of love,
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