10 minutes by tractor

17 April 2016
I know, I know. I'm only 4 months too late but I just found the memory card and finally got around to editing the photos. Gonna try and squeeze a quick post coz I'm watching Jungle Book later! EXCITING. 

Faiz and I went to 10 Minutes by Tractor on the eve of our 2nd anniversary. The whole course took about 5 hours and we opted for an early dinner (around 6pm) so we could enjoy the sunset over the beautiful winery estate. 

I haven't done a food post in a while so I hope you love the photos like I loved this meal.  

The drive 
Strolled and peeked around the herb farm while we wait for the table 
Symbolic tractor outside the restaurant
Because we came for an early dinner, the place was relatively quiet and empty for a while. It was nice just taking in the whole ambiance and chatting with Faiz.
Ergonomic butter + bread plates
Freshly whipped butter (I was carb-loading and had at least 7 servings of the bread + butter throughout the night HAHAHAH) 
Our first course
Second course - asparagus with fresh goat cheese
Third course - salmon tartare
Fourth course - scallops
It was also the night I fell in love with olive bread. I don't usually like olives by themselves (too salty for my liking) but I like them in bread!!!
Glam photo of my special person! HEHE.
Fifth course 
Sixth course - duck confit
Seventh course - beef 
Eighth course - kangaroo
Coffee in beautiful china
Ninth course - our first out of 3 desserts!
Tenth course - strawberries & cream
Eleventh course. The finishing dish!

We went for the Chef's pièce de résistance, his elaborated and carefully crafted degustation menu. No surprise, we loved every single dish. The ingredients were fresh and succulent while the flavours were erotic and complex.   

I am a foodie through and through and I really love how Faiz and I both are game to try at least anything once (applicable for food and other life events hahaha). It was sooooooo lovely talking to Faiz about all the dishes, which ones were our personal favourites, what we thought of the restaurant, the importance of ingredients in dishes and so much more. I also remembered laughing a lot during dinner and felt grateful that I had an opportunity to delve so deeply into life's greatest pleasure i.e. food.

I hope all of you are smiling and happy. 
Coz I am smiling and hungry.

Lots of love, always,
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