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22 March 2016
If I could sum up my summer break in 6 things, these things would be: 
  1. Melinda-Time or Melintime
  2. Grew tenfolds closer with my sister and my family.
  3. Lots of reading, both books + mangas
  4. Watching animes (Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins, Ao Haru Ride, Code Geass)
  5. When I'm not doing any of these things, I'm eating 
  6. Gymming and me-time at KLGCC

Looking back, I think this summer was the most meaningful because I just spent all my time with the things and people I love the most. No more small talk (I can do it but I find it extremely tedious and tiresome), especially 'on the surface' conversations. I craved for something a little deeper and meaningful and the universe delivered. 

This is my perfect intimate version of summer break.

Hafiz stayed with us for a few months coz he is really attached to his Nek Uda (my mom!).

If you zoom in you will see fat droplets of sweat on my face. I promise.

My nieces flew down for a few times and I got to spend time with them!!


Sleeping in the shadow

Poseidon!!! Who is always meow-ing if his cuddle quota isn't filled.

These 2 are always cuddling too.

In my sister's room. Her room is really monochrome and dark and white but mine's all pink. Hahaha.

Tropical ~feels~

Played a looooot of Catan! My favourite board game of all time!!!! I love playing board games. They're so fun and makes me so happy!

The first friend I met as soon as I came back - Champs!

Village park nasi lemak!!! I can eat significantly more than him. Hahahaha. Champs always gets full really easily -_-


These hawker restaurants always make the best food one lah haha

KUIH AND KEROPOK! The original chips 

I'm so grateful my adik is so patient with how long I take to shop :( 

So I treated her to Korean BBQ at KLCC

Quick photo of my skincare. I don't use all of this at once lol, I rotate different ones every few weeks or so! Depends on my food and how my skin feels like. My skin's usually oily when I'm back in KL + KK but it turns really dry in Melbourne.

Tried honey creme ice-cream with my adik!! I love honeycombs.

Lunch with my parents at their favourite Madam Kwan

Facetimed with Faiz a lot and with Waffles while they were still in Melbourne

Derpy cat is our favourite type of cat

With Lin and Sha!!! My favourite girl gang in KL! So loud and crazy funny I die. Hahaha.

Afternoons gym sessions at KLGCC


Blast AC full-on in the car hahaha

If I could turn my life into pink I would hahahahaha.

I blogged 3 posts today in 2 hours. I'm always so productive in blogging whenever I have assignments due (I'm meant to write 2 essays for uni right now actually ha ha ha).

But this post wraps it all up for my summer break! I'll blog about my first month being back in Melbourne & the short trip to Auckland in the next week or so :) 

I hope everyone's having an awesome day!! 

Lots of love,
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