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22 March 2016
Faiz flew to KL for the week so we could celebrate valentine's together. We're turning 3 this year but this was our very first valentines. For the past 2 years, we were always in different states for summer break (him in KK, me in KL). But we coordinated our timings and travels this year so we could have a special little day together!! 

Faiz was in KL for about 6 days. We spent time with my family, met up with our friends and in true Suming fashion, consumed ridiculously illegal amounts of food. 

Faiz came on the morning of valentines so I drove to the airport to pick him up!! Hehehe. 


Faiz's hair is super duper long so after we dropped off his things at mine, we went straight to Publika for lunch and a haircut

My favourite crispy duck pancake at The Social 

Wondermilk cupcakes & coffee

All ready for our dinner!

French fine dining at Maison Francaise

We reserved a table at 6 pm coz we wanted to have the place relatively to ourselves before it starts to crowd up and enjoy the natural light before it sets

Where Faiz is sitting - the lighting's really lovely 

So I made him switch seats with me. Hahahaha
"Its for the food pics"

Tonight's menu

Yummmm oysters

Mille feuille of foie gras

I really enjoy foie gras but it does get a little heavy - so everything in moderation

Patiently waiting for our next course

Scallops in corn minestrone

Cod fish


The course lasted about 3 hours, it felt so nice - catching up over summer break's happenings. 
I love listening to Faiz talk. He gives wonderful input for everything.

Chocolate dessert

The next few days, it was just us two jalan2 and finding new places to eat

In Bangsar

Jungle boy

Pumpkin and pine nut salad at Nutmeg

Cured meat sandwich with sauerkraut

We both really enjoyed this!!! Coconut cake - so fluffy and light.

Crepe cake

Went for Champ's surprise birthday!!!

Happy birthday to my main bud!

Hafiz fell really sick & got admitted at Prince Court :(

Uncle Faiz entertaining Hafiz's tummy rubs. I'm unsure of how it works but if you have a tummy ache, a tummy rub by another person always makes it feel significantly better

Watching youtube hehehe

The next day after lunch we came again to take Hafiz out for walks around the hospital

After dinner with my family

Summer chiraishi bowl - yummmmmmmy

Japanese twist on guacamole with Papadom crackers

Green tea creme brulee with sesame ice-cream

Hand-cut pappardelle with pulled beef

Faiz' steak and scallops on a bed of tomatoes and asparagus

Italian dinner at Mario & Luigi

Salmon on crackers

Scallops for appetisers

I can't remember what fish this was but I know its fish la. Hahahahaha

Uni pasta! Quite meh coz it tasted just like tomato sauce pasta.

Angel hair pasta

This risotto made the whole night paassstapurfect

Strawberry and cream dessert 


Caramel/chocolate/cream filled donuts

Philly cheesesteak at Two Sons 

Ginseng chicken soup at Da On

Faiz's nose is OK - he's just doing this so I don't feel left out hahahaha. This is my go-to remedy for blocked noses btw! The reasoning is so I can fully focus on breathing via only my mouth rather than having to juggle with only 1 functioning nostril AND mouth.

Valentines week was bittersweet. I felt so grateful that Faiz flew down and we did so much together. But a day after he arrived KL, I fell horribly sick. No fever but my mouth-nose system went haywire. I couldn't taste food nor could I speak properly lol. But it was so much fun regardless.

Lots of love,
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