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22 March 2016
It is very rare that we're both back home in KL for holidays. Our long holidays aren't aligned at all. She's in London while I'm in Melbourne so at most, we only get to see each other once a year. But this summer break was really special because she was back for 2 months! Instead of the usual 2 weeks. So I dedicated to spending every. single. waking. moment with her. 

We've known each each for so long (we were classmates in Sri Cempaka Damansara since we were 13) but we're still continuously jumping from one topic to another, leaving very little room to breathe and run out of topics. We share many quiet understandings where we can just sit comfortably in silence and enjoy each other's company.

This post is mostly an ode for Melinda. 
I love this beautiful and inherently special individual so much, 
the whole world deserves to know how much light and love she brings and how happy makes me feel. 

There are a few people I am fully comfortable with (including my sister, this number comes up to 3). Melinda is one of them. 
There are a few people I trust fully and whole-heartedly.
 Melinda is one of them.
There are fewer people I feel at ease with and effortless when it comes to conversations. 
Melinda is one of them. 

She's always driving and picking me up coz she doesn't trust my driving lol BUT I'VE IMPROVED SO MUCH U BITCH
Here are some facts about Melinda. 

1. Her birthday is 10 days after me (28th Nov) but I'm a scorpio, and she's sagitarious (not that we're religious astrology believers). 

Her favourite colour is black and I've told her this isn't even a colour many, many times. Why can't it be yellow? So that it can rhyme with her nickname, 'Mellow'? 

2. She's studying culinary in London and is an AMAAAAAZING cook + baker. I'm not bias. These are just facts of life. 
The above pic was taken at our belated birthday celebration together at Michelin-chef owned restaurant Babe.

We were seated next to the bar so it was really loud. 

For the price we were paying and the hype that surrounds it - the food was just mediocre at best.

Soft-shell crab


The flavours were unoriginal and repetitive. 

The service was sub-par.


And this is coming from someone who is easily satisfied with food!!!! Easy like you wouldn't believe so I definitely think its warranted ok!

Pepper beef sliders at Rakshee

Bakso boat noodles

3. Melinda is an awesome pianist. Every monday for assembly in high school, she'd be on the podium playing piano while students find their seats 

4. She is a crazy good driver. Our skills are night and day. She's awesome at cutting lol and usually I am very easily kancheong (panic easily) but when Mel drives, I just lay back and relax even though she's going 120km/h hahahaha.

Truffled beef sandwich at Plan B

Sweet potato fries and blue cheese dipping sauce

Philly cheese sandwich

 She also loves fish, especially smoked salmon. Always ordering it when we go out but I'm like mehhhh so boring lah go out eat smoked salmon. Go buy the packet and eat at home!  

Chocolate pancakes at Yellow Brick Road

Asked Mel to pose against the green door

I also want!!!! Hahahahaha

Mel ordered salmon benedict for me

I ordered pulled beef benedict for her. Then halfway through our meal we switched plates.

Don't know how people can have hot coffee in this sweltering heat

After a while we moved inside coz too hot lol

6. We are very alike, and yet we are very different. But when we're together, it just works.

7. We always unintentionally match. Its like she's in my head and I am in hers.

8. We watch a lot of horror movies when we're together.

Mushroom pizza & french toast at Franco

9. We used to take math tuition together when we were 16 but we stopped coz not productive lol. We'd end up talking and eating McDonald's chicken nuggets with our tutor

10. She loves wearing monochrome and I love wearing colours

11. She did a 6 month internship with Gastro Sentral in Le Meridien

Scotch eggs with cheese at Gastro Sentral

My steak sandwich with mushroom fries

Sharing our mac and cheese in the middle

Complimentary desserts from Mel's previous manager!! 

After lunch, we bumped into Anna Olson who was shooting a series for AFC in KL!

Shiok sendiri hahahahaha

12. We are different in a sense where she must be busy all the time (with work) or else she'd get restless. But I'm perfectly ok with not doing anything. Hahahahaha.

CNY is here!!!

Tuna Nicoise salad at Alexis. One of our favourite places because it consistently delivers, every time.

I dragged her for lunch then we did our own thing! I edited the photos for the Europe trip and she shopped for make-up.

13. We loooooooove make-up! We're always in Sephora and crouched down somewhere trying out new things on our arms HAHAHA.

God-like angel hair aglio olio

Mel's Salmon

14. We both went through a Taylor Swift 'pity me/ihateboys' phase in high school

To the year (2007) we first met!!! Hahahaha if I can compile all the Cempaka photos, I'll make a post about our high school days together.

 Lots of up & downs while growing up but we got through it all - through our Taylor Swift phase, singing out Panic! At The Disco lyrics, years of high school together. Boyfriends have come and go. Friends have come and go. But Melinda has stuck around with me through it all. My constant. 

We share so many inside jokes together and sometimes we don't even need to speak, she'll just look at my way and she knows what I'm going to say hahahah. Anyway, I really can't wait till we're both done with uni then we can be full-time in Malaysia!

Ps/ stop holding my hands in public you lesbian 
PPS/ "A bitttt ahhhh" 

Lots of love from me to you Mel, 
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