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26 March 2016
Parents came down for 10 days for a quick holiday. My sister and nephew tagged along too so there was a lot of laughs and arguments hehehe. We just ate a lot and took Hafiz to the zoo. 

Most of the photos taken with my iPhone because I stupidly keep forgetting to charge my camera.

Hafiz, Faiz & Adik - playing lego at QV lawn

My mom thinks Hafiz is a doll. Hahaha. Always buying her grandson new outfits and styling him :P


Dinner with adik, Faiz and his cousin Edna. Soon it'll be us 4 in Melbourne!!!! Shereen is coming here to study culinary in July - I can't wait!!!

Clingy while watching tv

Ibu celebrated her birthday here!!!

The look of genuine fear HAHAHAHA

Seafood dinner at Crown

Moonlit Sanctuary

A unique zoo experience where you can touch and feed the animals (especially kangaroos and wombats).


Faiz too excited lol. TOO MUCH.

My mom stayed 20ft away from them when they were playing on this. She's afraid of all sort of snakes, in all forms

My dad not giving a shit about feeding animals - he's happily occupied with his bag of chips


Wallaby walk

Faiz feeding a wombat!!!

I always have such a good time around my parents. 

So cute

New friends

What're you looking at Hafiz

Driving back to the city 

Yay!!! Currently up to date with Melbourne posts. I still have Auckland + 10 minutes by Tractor to do but I'm leaving that for procrastination on another day. Hahahahah. 

Lots of love,
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