day 4: umeda, japan

13 March 2016
I'm back in Melbourne for uni. Sorry for the unexpected disappearance! I was busy settling in, cleaning the apartment, spending time with my parents, bought a car & went to New Zealand for 3 days. But that is a post for another day! 

Gonna squeeze in a quick post before I have brunch with Faiz.

Umeda is a major business and commercial district in Osaka - we came here mainly for the architecturally beautiful Sky Building!! We regretted staying at Imperial (location was meh - not much around) after we found how strategically located Umeda was. But no point crying over spilt milk, we'll just look for a hotel here next time!

Baby fiya waiting for everyone at the lobby

Chiyomi hehe

Walking in Umeda towards the Sky building

Siblings + my oldest niece, Nina 

Everything looks significantly cleaner and crisp, compared to Shimsabashi etc 

I've been more open to wearing more monochrome lately - I used to be so adamant on wearing strictly bright bold colours. Hahahaha. I guess I've mellowed down and my style is slowly evolving. I love changes!!!

Japanese buildings can sometimes be monotonous and unexciting but they can also be really, really beautiful, they take your breath away.

Like soooo! Umeda Sky Building :) Top 20 best-designed buildings in the world!! 

Mirror windows that reflect the current weather

Ibu and I inside the building

A smaller version of it

HAHAHA ibu & Shereen are really terrified of heights. And we were in a elevator that had clear walls of the view outside. So my mom was closing her eyes the whole time. Pissing her pants probably!! Hahahaha so cute I die.

View from the lift


The escalator was relatively steep and had views of the Osaka too!


We went all the way up to the 'Garden Canopy' for the 360 panoramic view of the city!

Booths for couples to sit and date

Ohaiyo gozaimas Osaka!!!

Osaka so culturally enriching - weather so accomodating too.

I'm gonna fALLLLLLL!!!! Hahahahahaha

Taken with my iPhone.

The escalators that we were on from the canopy.

Larger than life green tea pocky! I bought Faiz tonsssss of matcha dessert from Japan! Hehehe.

Tortured artist LOLLLL

View above from the center of the foyer

Nana and Erra - my 2nd brother's daughters

After Umeda Sky building, we went to a department store just to check out books & shop!


Then at night we went to Shimsabashi to buy hello kitty souvenirs for my nieces

Hello Kitty store!!

The fact that I haven't blogged or written anything in a while has a huge impact on my spelling capabilities lol. I had so many typos.. 

Anyway. Umeda is a really great location to stay if you're in Osaka! Its clean, there's shopping + good food around and close to central train stations. 

Next post will be one of my favourites - a full on eating adventure in Osaka with my friend, Chiyomi! 

Talk soon!!! 

Lots of love,

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