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26 March 2016
My last full year in Melbourne is in full force. I'll be graduating from uni (fingers crossed) in July 2017 but I know for a fact that my time in Melbourne will fly by before I know it. 

First 3 weeks in Melbourne were spent adjusting to my new subjects + timetables and exploring vegetarian food. I KNOW. Me?! The most carnivorous person you will ever meat (HAHAhaha). But it all changed after one particular lunch day with Bella 4 weeks ago. She's been a vego for a few months and she's paid attention to how much energy she has, she doesn't feel sluggish and her mental clarity feels crisp. 

I'm not saying I've turned into vegetarian (I love fish too much + the occasional chicken ribs + steak). But I have become more open towards consuming more veggies, especially when I'm dining out.

I used to be so adamant about eating only meat meals during brunch or dinner. But after a few mentality adjustments, I've grown to love vegetarian meals! It could be a very powerful placebo but I do feel great even after a heavy greeny meal. I don't feel the initial food coma anymore or even the afternoon slump. I've explored sooooooo many 'conventional' brunch places in this beautiful city for the last 3 years. But I haven't even tapped into the vegetarian joints! I've created a list of the veggie places to dine at and I daresay this check-list will definitely be one adventure I am super psyched for.

Pillar of Salt

The only cafe/restaurant in this post that's not vegetarian. I went with Kara and Kim, for a nice little catch-up. I remembered the weather being really hot and dry coz we were sitting outside and dying lol.

My legs look really fair but they're not hahahaha.

My iced mocha 

Snapped a pic while waiting for our food

Kara's pancakes

Kimmy's beef tacos

My kimchi pancake 

Chairs outside Gelato Messina

After our meal, Kara and Kim wanted to have gelato and something cold for the hahtttt day. I don't really like ice-cream that much (they are far too sweet for my liking) so I sat this one out.

Graffiti in Richmond

The place I fell in love with vegetarian food and a strong contender for my favourite restaurant of all time. I've eaten here 6 times in the last 4 weeks and I've tried almost every dish on the menu. I love them all and I can't fault a single one. I must say the entree dishes are far zestier than the lacklustre main courses. Their avocado fritters and coriander pesto is TO DIE FORRRR.

The 2nd time I went to Shakahari was with Bella

First entree: avocado fritters and coriander pesto 

Second entree: matcha coated tofu with greens and caramelised chestnuts 

Our mains!

Quinoa fritters. 

Curried lentils with rice

Really cosy sitting area outside

Our table

The next few times, I took Faiz with me! He loves the kombucha (fermented drink) there.

We demolished this baby right up hahahaha

Monk Bodhi Dharma

Taken outside of the cafe

Naked insides

Coffee - a necessary evil 

My mushroom 'umami' platter! With all sorts of mushrooms and goats cheese on polenta bread.

Faiz's hungry jimbo. Polenta bread with vegemite, avocado and tomatoes.

The customary 3 meals

Apple buckwheat pancakes to share.

Serotonin dealer

The first place I took Faiz after getting my car! After much contemplation, I finally bought one here in Melbourne. I don't really need it to go to uni etc because its so near my apartment but I got it so I could truly enjoy Melbourne more. Don't get me wrong, the public transport here is fab but you can't deny the increased accessibility to places when you've got a car.

First passenger!!!

Black on black.

Serotonin eatery: the science of making you happy

Where Faiz & I were seated


Cactus to keep us company



Banana pancakes YUUUUUUM

Faiz's naked sushi bowl


Cheeky selfie at Bridge Rd

A T-Rex appears!

Taken during the first week of uni!


Where I always eat in uni - Japanese Tsubu

I will kill for their okonomiyaki. 

Crazy talented artists showcasing their work on the streets

Caren and Kelly - my happy pills in Melbourne.

Lunch at Vegie Bar. I had a mushroom burger with a samosa and Faiz got the 'duck' pizza. The duck was made out of soy pieces!

Faiz bought an Aero Press!!! I've been using this to make Tenom coffee in the morning. So much bursts of flavour. I also brought back 4kg of Tenom coffee to Melbourne hahahaha.

Veggie and fish curry for dinner with Bella at some Thai restaurant on Swanston St

View from my current favourite sushi train restaurant

Yong's Green Food - My veggie curry with brown rice

Faiz's dragon bowl - veggie version of bibimbap. Again the 'beef' slices are made out of soy. 

Trying to look mysterious with the shadows lolol

I've been really maximising my car-use and using it to explore new suburbs and restaurants. The Garmin gps in my car is crazy helpful. Driving in Melbourne doesn't feel that much different than in Malaysia. It's probably safer because the government imposes really strict speed limits and have speed cameras everywhere. 

I hope everyone's enjoying themselves, wherever you are.

Lots of love,
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