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26 March 2016
Parents came down for 10 days for a quick holiday. My sister and nephew tagged along too so there was a lot of laughs and arguments hehehe. We just ate a lot and took Hafiz to the zoo. 

Most of the photos taken with my iPhone because I stupidly keep forgetting to charge my camera.

Hafiz, Faiz & Adik - playing lego at QV lawn

1, 2, 3.. set. go.

My last full year in Melbourne is in full force. I'll be graduating from uni (fingers crossed) in July 2017 but I know for a fact that my time in Melbourne will fly by before I know it. 

First 3 weeks in Melbourne were spent adjusting to my new subjects + timetables and exploring vegetarian food. I KNOW. Me?! The most carnivorous person you will ever meat (HAHAhaha). But it all changed after one particular lunch day with Bella 4 weeks ago. She's been a vego for a few months and she's paid attention to how much energy she has, she doesn't feel sluggish and her mental clarity feels crisp. 

I'm not saying I've turned into vegetarian (I love fish too much + the occasional chicken ribs + steak). But I have become more open towards consuming more veggies, especially when I'm dining out.

I used to be so adamant about eating only meat meals during brunch or dinner. But after a few mentality adjustments, I've grown to love vegetarian meals! It could be a very powerful placebo but I do feel great even after a heavy greeny meal. I don't feel the initial food coma anymore or even the afternoon slump. I've explored sooooooo many 'conventional' brunch places in this beautiful city for the last 3 years. But I haven't even tapped into the vegetarian joints! I've created a list of the veggie places to dine at and I daresay this check-list will definitely be one adventure I am super psyched for.

Pillar of Salt

The only cafe/restaurant in this post that's not vegetarian. I went with Kara and Kim, for a nice little catch-up. I remembered the weather being really hot and dry coz we were sitting outside and dying lol.

My legs look really fair but they're not hahahaha.

who matters the most ft. me

22 March 2016
If I could sum up my summer break in 6 things, these things would be: 
  1. Melinda-Time or Melintime
  2. Grew tenfolds closer with my sister and my family.
  3. Lots of reading, both books + mangas
  4. Watching animes (Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins, Ao Haru Ride, Code Geass)
  5. When I'm not doing any of these things, I'm eating 
  6. Gymming and me-time at KLGCC

Looking back, I think this summer was the most meaningful because I just spent all my time with the things and people I love the most. No more small talk (I can do it but I find it extremely tedious and tiresome), especially 'on the surface' conversations. I craved for something a little deeper and meaningful and the universe delivered. 

This is my perfect intimate version of summer break.

my funny valentine

Faiz flew to KL for the week so we could celebrate valentine's together. We're turning 3 this year but this was our very first valentines. For the past 2 years, we were always in different states for summer break (him in KK, me in KL). But we coordinated our timings and travels this year so we could have a special little day together!! 

Faiz was in KL for about 6 days. We spent time with my family, met up with our friends and in true Suming fashion, consumed ridiculously illegal amounts of food. 

melintime + sala

It is very rare that we're both back home in KL for holidays. Our long holidays aren't aligned at all. She's in London while I'm in Melbourne so at most, we only get to see each other once a year. But this summer break was really special because she was back for 2 months! Instead of the usual 2 weeks. So I dedicated to spending every. single. waking. moment with her. 

We've known each each for so long (we were classmates in Sri Cempaka Damansara since we were 13) but we're still continuously jumping from one topic to another, leaving very little room to breathe and run out of topics. We share many quiet understandings where we can just sit comfortably in silence and enjoy each other's company.

This post is mostly an ode for Melinda. 
I love this beautiful and inherently special individual so much, 
the whole world deserves to know how much light and love she brings and how happy makes me feel. 

There are a few people I am fully comfortable with (including my sister, this number comes up to 3). Melinda is one of them. 
There are a few people I trust fully and whole-heartedly.
 Melinda is one of them.
There are fewer people I feel at ease with and effortless when it comes to conversations. 
Melinda is one of them. 

She's always driving and picking me up coz she doesn't trust my driving lol BUT I'VE IMPROVED SO MUCH U BITCH

day 6: kyoto, japan

18 March 2016
May I present you, 
The 6th and final post of Japan 2016. 


I'm trying out this new thing for March where I try and be as productive and not be such a frustrating little shit with all my procrastination. Day 1 going strong so far... Well. Here's to nothing. 

For day 6, Chiyomi, Shereen & I took the bullet train to Kyoto to visit the Arashiyama bamboo shrine. Driving takes about 55 minutes to an hour. The bullet train took about 10 minutes lol. 

day 5: osaka, japan

17 March 2016
All I did on this particular day was eat and eat and eat. I've reiterated this multiple times on my blog but my favourite cuisine of ALL TIME is Japanese. From the moment I arrived Osaka, I told my family WE NEEDED TO GO TO THE CENTRAL FISH MARKET. I wanted to eat all the fresh raw fish, eat all the raw sea urchin to my heart's content and of course, the kobe beef skewers! Anyway, Chiyomi and I went to the fish market on the 5th day in the morning for breakfast. My parents and sister didn't tag along with me so it was just the 2 of us. 

Its not like your conventional fish market at all, its not wet and it doesn't smell dirty. As soon as I walked in, my senses were overloaded with aromatic scents of barbequed food! Its kinda reminiscent of the usual osaka shopping street actually, but instead of clothes, they're selling food. Hahaha. 

Ok I won't keep you for long!! There are lots of photos to go through. 

Osaka Central Fish Market 

Outside the entrance. This was taken at 10 am. They start operating by 9 am so best to get there early so you can get the freshest produce.

day 4: umeda, japan

13 March 2016
I'm back in Melbourne for uni. Sorry for the unexpected disappearance! I was busy settling in, cleaning the apartment, spending time with my parents, bought a car & went to New Zealand for 3 days. But that is a post for another day! 

Gonna squeeze in a quick post before I have brunch with Faiz.

Umeda is a major business and commercial district in Osaka - we came here mainly for the architecturally beautiful Sky Building!! We regretted staying at Imperial (location was meh - not much around) after we found how strategically located Umeda was. But no point crying over spilt milk, we'll just look for a hotel here next time!

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