milan, italy

02 February 2016
Milan was so incredibly beautiful. With the limited time we had (3 days), we could only sightsee from the car coz my family and I wanted to maximise our trip shopping. So aside from the scenic drive from Mount Titlis to Milan, for the duration of our stay, we only frequented the semi-outdoor Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll, Monte Napoleone street nearby and Milan Cathedral (duomo). They're all within near vicinities of each other so it was really accessible to walk from point A to point B. 

The drive from Mount Titlis to Milan

Saying goodbye to the mountains in Switzerland!!! 

My dad and I talked about how impressive and admirable it was, how the Swiss people put emphasis on their agriculture. Although being a developed country, they haven't forgotten their roots and haven't completely industrialised their economy. Unlike some, they're very much a self-sufficient country! 

Facade of Italian buildings and mountains merging

Houses on the base of the hill

We stopped by a town sitting on the border between Italy and Switzerland! They mainly spoke italian there but I think it was still within the vicinities of the Switzerland border. We had quick lunch here and strolled for a bit before we continued our drive.

I am really drawn to the Italian way of balconies and windows. How they colour block with other colours.

Lake como!!! We wanted to take a pitstop but we were running behind our schedule :( 

Seeing red

Grafitti on buildings

Monte Napoleone Street

We spent a whole day here. Didn't take much photos coz we were too busy with the task at hand lol. 

Fresh from Christmas decor

My sister and my dad walks really fast so my mom and I are always trailing behind hahahaha

Taken at one of the shortcuts from the Galleria to Monte Napoleone St.

Monte Napoleone!! Our favourite street so far!!! Not a lot of cars around and Christmas music blasting on its speakers.

After we had our fair share of shopping, we had dinner at Sant Sant Ambroeus. Trip to Italy wouldn't be complete without having Italian food! Hehehe.

Tram!! Reminds me of Melbourne. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Waaaaaaah, seriously at a lost of words for this place! Hands down the most stunning place to shop ever. It was really chilly because its semi-outdoors! So we kept popping into one shop then another immediately, in an effort to keep warm hahahaha.

Murals on the wall. 

Details after details everywhere

and I freaking love details!!!!

Christmas tree in the middle

Digging that man's all-white do 

View below from inside one of the shops' first floor 


There was a few restaurants conveniently located in the Galleria. So we opted for one and had lunch in a restaurant called Catto Rosso.


"Steak for me and very, very, very well done" LOL so predictable. My dad hates the sight of blood on steaks. Where-as my sister and I likes them medium rare. He likes them at almost a rubbery consistensy (gross).

Inside Catto Rosso

Coke for my parents & tea for me! I don't really drink soft drinks. I think it is a waste of calories. I rather have calories in the form of carbs and tangible food. Hahahaha

I had lamb cutlets

My dad's steak

Petronas spotted!! Woohoo!

Beautifully illuminated lights at the galleria. Its not hard to stay in one venue the whole day when your parents stays in 1 shop for AT LEAST 2 hours. At one point we had to ask the shopkeepers to send our things to the hotel coz we didn't have enough hands -.-

My sister pointed something out after I took this photo, she said 'why are you always taking photos of people's faces?'. It took me by surprise because I've never really had to explain to anyone why I take the photos I take. I enjoy taking photos of faces not because of their face per se, but I take photos of faces because of their expressions. Regardless of age and race, facial expressions are the one thing that's universal and binding. Expressions intrigues me.

How the Galleria looks from the outside! This section was directly opposite to the Milan Cathedral.

Milan Cathedral! My point and shoot camera ran out of battery so I could only snap with my fujifilm. Thats why I only took closeups huhuhuhu.

They seem melancholy but I assure you they're not. Right after this photo was taken, the old man got his camera fixed and happily started taking photos of the cathedral without once letting go of his wife! 


On the way to the airport

Reflection of a building

In our Qatar flight en-route to  Doha. Then we'll transit from Doha to Jeddah then finally, Mecca. 

Yayyyy, that ties up all loose ends for our Europe trip! It felt very quick and even though we didn't get as much sightseeing done as I would've liked, I'm still forever grateful for the time spent with my family. 

I'm sorry for not updating as much as I promised I would. Its been so nice being back home and relaxing. 

Hope everyone is well and, hope you have a great February ahead! 

Lots of love,
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