day 3: universal studios, japan

22 February 2016

Editing the photos for this particular post was the most fun I've had so far (it was accomplished in less than an hour, usually it takes me 2 hours) while buzzing and restlessly sitting in my seat. Faiz said the reason why we get so tired after watching action movies is because our muscles mimic the actions performed in the movie, resulting in a listless, tired feeling after. Well, safe to say that phenomenon isn't limited to movies only coz my muscles and emotions mimicked the ones I had in the photos below as I was editing it. 

I was exhausted by the time I was done.

We dedicated a whole day here. USJ was seriously the most fun day I've had in Japan. It was non-stop adrenaline and running around the theme park while screaming to my adik 'LET'S GO ON THIS, THIS TOO AND THAT AND THAT ONE HERE!' She'd stare at me like I've lost my goddamn mind and someone who needs to be sedated pronto and then proceeds to tell me to hakuna my tatas i.e. calm the fuck down. 

I love, with capitals THEME PARKS. I feel like they're so fun and everything's already there/set up to facilitate your perfect happy day. Want rides? Check. Food? Check. Toilets? Check. Pretty sidewalks to take photos and walk around? Check. Want different worlds/experiences? Check. 

We've been to the Universal Studios in Singapore a few times with their express VIP pass. I was expecting it to work the same way in Japan but they don't. So I'll elaborate on that later! 

For now, PHOTOS!!!

My partner in crime since '98


Every single person who works at USJ was seen smiling and waving all day. ALL DAY.

Party poopers fell asleep hahahahaha 

A little back story, Shereen and I have been wanting to get express tickets asap because they (USJ) are notorious for running out coz people book them months in advance. The express pass is available in 3, 5 and 7 rides. You can ride only once with the pass. If you'd like to go on the ride again, you'd have to queue normally. This is where it differs from the Universal Studios in Singapore. This is where the VIP in its express pass comes in, in Singapore, you can ride the rides multiple times while skipping the queue. There's an escort accompanying you around too. 

Anyway. We told our agents back in KL to get it online but they said we could do it in a convenience store in Japan (Lawson). So on our first day, we quickly went to Lawsons and found out they only sold 3 and 5 rides, but they've sold out for the whole month of February! I dejectedly told my sister 'Confirm they won't have it there (at USJ) la! We're going on a weekend some more. It's ok we'll just queue and settle for 2-3 rides.'

Then come our USJ day, we saw the counters selling tickets and tried our luck.. TURNS OUT THEY HAVEN'T RAN OUT AT ALL! They still had the 7 rides express pass so we quickly purchased it while jumping up and down like lunatics. Hahahaha. We felt it was a lucky way to start the day!

My whole family came but only my sister and I got the express pass for the rides. The rest of my family were perfectly content slowly taking their time to take in the air, walk around and take photos. Shereen and I were born ready for the thrill!


I'll be dividing the post into its different worlds and attractions. The first world we ventured into after the entrance was Hollywood. 

See what I mean? USJ employees - doesn't your face hurt from smiling all day?

Outside the souvenir shop

Attack on Titan (amazing anime series btw!!! completed it in 2 days) make-up!

Taking after old Hollywood cinemas

Said bye to  the rest of our family and off we go exploring USJ!

Stalls erected to sell merchandises and clothes

Hello Kitty hat

Minion headband - I bought this. Hehehe.

The day started off cloudy then it became progressively sunny as the day passed.

Mel's drive-in. They have something similar in USS too!


Outside Stage 14

Cue sunny day!

Crunchy and sweet caramel popcorn inside a minion! 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Having read and watched the whole Harry Potter series multiple times, I was most excited for this!!! A few years back we went to Warner Bros' Making of Harry Potter Studio in London so the excitement felt really reminiscent.

With Mr. Weasley's Flying Ford Anglia

Entrance to Hogsmeade


We're in freaking HOGSMEADE!!!!!!!!


Hogwarts Express

Zonko's Joke Shop

Love Potion hehehe

Outside honeydukes

Inside honeydukes

Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans. I've tried this and they have really do have weird flavours! Like puke!!

Butterbeer! Awesome when cold but gross when served hot - it'll just taste overly sweet and cinnamon-y!

Walking in and out of shops then we got hungry and headed to...





Waiting for our food and butter beer

Shereen had the rotisserie chicken while I had fish and chips


View of Hogwarts from the Three Broomsticks

This wasn't a shop. Just for show. Hahaha

Inside Ollivanders

Ollivanders' protegee? American guy who spoke in fluent Japanese. A caveat to the whole experience was that everything (the rides/narration etc) was in Japanese with no english subtitles lolol. So just keep that in mind if you ever visit!

Selling wands. I bought Voldemort's. My brothers and Shereen bought one of each, of EVERYTHING. 

They have a collection like this one now lolol.

The characteristics of wands and its material

Dumbledore's elder wand

Book of Monsters. As seen in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Remembrall, Sneakascope and Extendable Ears!


Shereen and I had a game plan for the rest of the day. Just browse first, go on the rides, explore, then right before we head home, we'll buy the souvenirs. This saved us the hands and worry hahaha.

Outside Hogwarts

Flight of the Hippogriff ride

Sunset in Hogsmeade


Home to the Jaws film. Not really our generation but it was still fun!

Tourists taking photos with the huge replica 

Express Entrance. Skip the 1.5 hour queues!!! Buy the pass if you ever go to Universal Studio. Saves you the time!

On the Jaws ride

Japanese girls so cute

Spot the shark


Outside the gift store for Jaws

Hahahaha trying on shark hats.

Chocolate churros!

After our ride, we walked on the sidewalks and took in the beautiful day and weather

New York

Terminator ride!

Ginormous globe because why the hell not

I really love how laid-back and playful everyone was! They wore harry potter robes, hello kitty hats, had made-up faces from Attack on Titan! It was sooooo fun and nice.

Trying to be like spidey hahaha

This person doesn't work here!!! He just dressed up like the umbrella corp for fun! They are damn sporting lah!!!

Imitating America's infrastructure, feels like another country completely!

Minion Kitchen

Selling minion buns and chocolate churros with banana cream.

Nina's Attack on Titan make up

Hello Kitty


Erra with Snoopy

This was in Hello Kitty world.

With my minion merchandise at the end of the night hahahahaha.

Reached the hotel around 11 pm and this was room service for my late dinner. Anything Japan does, it'll do it well.

My sister said we were really lucky too. She went to USJ 2 years ago during Christmas and it was really packed. And I'm really grateful how we managed to score express passes!!! I loved spending the day with Shereen. Thanks for being so patient with the photo-takings and the hysterics. I love you so much!

Universal Studios was unbelievably nonstop fun. I apologize to all the theme parks in the world that I haven't been. I'll be there soon.

Lots of love, 

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