day 2: kyoto, japan

20 February 2016
On our 2nd day, we drove up to Kyoto for the day to visit the buddhist Kiyomizu temple. The drive from Osaka to Kyoto took about an hour. I still can't differentiate between the two cities that much, most of the buildings and characters look and feel the same. But then again I didn't spend too long in Kyoto to fully submerge myself! 

I'm experimenting with colours again on this post. I'm diverging from the usual clean and bright colours, into something a little moody and dark. It doesn't reflect my current emotions, I'm not depressed or anything k. Hahahaha. I just felt the colours went well with the vibrant facade and colours of the temple, creating a nice little juxtaposition. 


Its a historical town, so the government imposes really strict air rights and doesn't permit bright colours on the town's facades and architecture. Unlike, loud and electrifying Osaka! Even McDonalds, which dons the usual bright red & yellow logo, is in a brown and dark mustard colour.

Nara was the first capital city of Japan, then it was Kyoto. After Japan modernised itself, Tokyo became the capital city.

People on bicycles everywhere. Can't imagine how strong their leg muscles are. Hahahaha

Hafiz with his blue gloves. 

My guide, Chiyomi's hair clip

Youngest niece, Fiya 


and a droplet of tear 

and innocence, personified. Laughter.



Kiyomizu means clear, or pure water. It takes its name after the waterfall within the complex. The water is said to contain healing properties. They even sell it by the bottles!

Entrance to a shopping street leading up to the temple. I've realised there's not many shopping malls in Japan, only shopping streets and department stores.

Authentic takoyaki!!!

Japanese-made fans


I could see so many tourists in kimonos. But Chiyomi insisted they weren't "real" kimonos. Kimonos aren't usually in bright neon pink and in cotton. They're made of silk and handpainted individually. 

They were still very fun to look at, though!

I was talking to the guide, Chiyomi whilst enroute to Kyoto and she mentioned how its home to the geisha, kimonos and really high quality matcha powder. 

Erra with her ice-cream

View of Kyoto city as we ascended the temple

In Japan, the 2 main religions in practice are Buddhism & Shinto.

Sharp, red edges

Happiest when I'm discovering new cultures and experiences!!! Hehehe.


Fun fact: there is not a SINGLE nail used in the entire structure, in the whole temple.

I love the vibrancy of the buildings, against the dull, listless day

Wishes on a wooden plank

Patterns that can only be seen in water

Being home to the best matcha powder, theres an abundance of matcha desserts around!!! I went crazy and consumed like a zillion calories in desserts. Ice-cream, puffs, you name it.

Waffles in all tastes and sizes

Shopping street leading up to the temple

It was a really crowded day with so many tourists around

Nice street with loads of different merchandises and services and food.

Japanese sandals!!!!


View of the Kiyomizu temple against Kyoto city as a backdrop 


After our fun time at the temple, we drove back to Osaka and had dinner at Shinsaibashi street. Didn't take photos of the food because too hungry lol. 


Had to cross along a redlight district.. Hahahaha sorry I'm being quite misleading. It's not a strict redlight district in a sense where its blatant prostitution, it's more like maid cafes and host clubs etc.

One of the hosts. You pay the host club and they treat you like princesses and serve you drinks.

Mother.... keep walking.

& thats day 2! 

Lots of love, 
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