day 1: Osaka, Japan

13 February 2016
Haven't uploaded 2 posts in 1 day in a while. Just super excited coz its Valentines tomorrow and Faiz is coming to KL in the afternoon for the week!!! Our first valentines together in 3 years. Gonna take Faiz on a food adventure in KL too! Hehehe.

For Chinese New Year, my whole family (brothers + wives + kids + sisters + parents), all 18 of us, flew to Osaka, Japan for the week. I've been to Tokyo but never Osaka. It was a nice change from the busy hustle & bustle of the capital city.
I took over 1100ish photos so I can't squeeze all of them in one post. I'm dividing the post by different days (day 1, day 2 etc). 

This is the first day. 

I sent my Franck Muller Vegas to get it serviced so I've been using the other watch my parents gave me for my 13th birthday. I love the Chopard circular ring my parents ordered for my 21st. Its a set along with my necklace :) I've always loved circles. I feel like they're a beautiful representation of the never-ending, of infinity. There is no end, there is no meaning, its just there.

Youngest niece, Fiya or fondly known as, Yaya. 

2nd brother in the front, 1st sister in law in the middle & my oldest abang at the back!

We stopped at a nearby cafe after the touching down just to have a quick meal and drink. 

Vending machines

No joke when I said they were glued to the hip.

Derp derp.

I laughed super loud when I saw this ad. Japanese ads are soooo weird hahahahah.

It was an ad for a compact powder!!!! Hahahahaha.

Pink soba noodles. 


Came here straight in our airport clothes because we were too excited hahahaha.

It was still winter when we went so the trees were all bare. I can't wait to go during Sakura season!

Stalls selling corn and grilled dishes

Super succulent Japanese fruits!!

Big and fat strawberries and albino strawberries

Adik & adik (since they're both the youngest in the family)


Walking towards Osaka castle

Outside the gates. Smelly face lol. 

Qairish trying to photobomb Nina and Erra's photos. Hahahahaha. So cuteeee.

Uncle and aunty taking photo in front of the castle.

Osaka castle! One of Japan's most famous landmarks. 

SUCCESS!!! I won't mention the amount of takes it took me to get this shot lol. Too painful to say. 

Waiting for my brothers to take their tourist shots so I also take la.. Hahahahaha.

Stall selling grilled sweet potato 

Bought some albino strawberries hnnnggg (salivating as I type this)

On the way to the hotel. We stayed at Imperial hotel! We've been to the other Imperial in Tokyo and looooved it so we wanted to try the one in Osaka too!!

More vending machines. When you get hot coffee, the can of coffee is actually really warm! Great for warming your hands in winter. 

Shimsabaishi + Dotombori

Not going to these two areas would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Unacceptable! Hahahaha. Its in the heart of the city and a shopping street so we came here quite often just to shop and walk around. 

So vogue

Caricatures of minions!! Kawaiiii-ne!

Running man. They're the company responsible for the popular snack, Pocky!! 

Malaysia flag in Shimsaibashi

Our first Japanese meal

Burberry makes the bestest coats that lasts a bajillion years 

Shimsaibashi at night

Osaka is so vibrant, especially at night!

Banners indicating what each floor is? I guess I dunno 

I love Japan. Faiz and I always talk about visiting it together one day. We love the food and the anime and the mangas and the people and the culture! 

For day 2, we went to Kyoto for a day trip.

Till then. 

Lots of love,
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