day 3: universal studios, japan

22 February 2016

Editing the photos for this particular post was the most fun I've had so far (it was accomplished in less than an hour, usually it takes me 2 hours) while buzzing and restlessly sitting in my seat. Faiz said the reason why we get so tired after watching action movies is because our muscles mimic the actions performed in the movie, resulting in a listless, tired feeling after. Well, safe to say that phenomenon isn't limited to movies only coz my muscles and emotions mimicked the ones I had in the photos below as I was editing it. 

I was exhausted by the time I was done.

We dedicated a whole day here. USJ was seriously the most fun day I've had in Japan. It was non-stop adrenaline and running around the theme park while screaming to my adik 'LET'S GO ON THIS, THIS TOO AND THAT AND THAT ONE HERE!' She'd stare at me like I've lost my goddamn mind and someone who needs to be sedated pronto and then proceeds to tell me to hakuna my tatas i.e. calm the fuck down. 

I love, with capitals THEME PARKS. I feel like they're so fun and everything's already there/set up to facilitate your perfect happy day. Want rides? Check. Food? Check. Toilets? Check. Pretty sidewalks to take photos and walk around? Check. Want different worlds/experiences? Check. 

We've been to the Universal Studios in Singapore a few times with their express VIP pass. I was expecting it to work the same way in Japan but they don't. So I'll elaborate on that later! 

For now, PHOTOS!!!

My partner in crime since '98

day 2: kyoto, japan

20 February 2016
On our 2nd day, we drove up to Kyoto for the day to visit the buddhist Kiyomizu temple. The drive from Osaka to Kyoto took about an hour. I still can't differentiate between the two cities that much, most of the buildings and characters look and feel the same. But then again I didn't spend too long in Kyoto to fully submerge myself! 

I'm experimenting with colours again on this post. I'm diverging from the usual clean and bright colours, into something a little moody and dark. It doesn't reflect my current emotions, I'm not depressed or anything k. Hahahaha. I just felt the colours went well with the vibrant facade and colours of the temple, creating a nice little juxtaposition. 


day 1: Osaka, Japan

13 February 2016
Haven't uploaded 2 posts in 1 day in a while. Just super excited coz its Valentines tomorrow and Faiz is coming to KL in the afternoon for the week!!! Our first valentines together in 3 years. Gonna take Faiz on a food adventure in KL too! Hehehe.

For Chinese New Year, my whole family (brothers + wives + kids + sisters + parents), all 18 of us, flew to Osaka, Japan for the week. I've been to Tokyo but never Osaka. It was a nice change from the busy hustle & bustle of the capital city.
I took over 1100ish photos so I can't squeeze all of them in one post. I'm dividing the post by different days (day 1, day 2 etc). 

This is the first day. 

my heart lies in kota kinabalu

I visited KK on the 3rd week of January to see my brothers + their kids and Faiz + family. 
I was back for about 5 days. Whenever I'm back for a quick visit, there is only 1 single purpose: eat all the food I can consume ASAP. Anyway, my heart always swells as soon as I land KK airport & hear the local Sabahan dialect. It sounds and feels like.. Well.. Home. 

I love KK with such a fervour intensity, its scary. I love the people. I love the food. I love the beaches. I love the sunsets. I love the way the coastal winds rustle through its trees. 

I'm probably out of loop with the new places. 
So Faiz and I stuck with what we knew and craved for the most. 

mecca & madinah, saudi arabia

11 February 2016
My first activity of 2016! Performing my umrah for the 3rd time & spending a week in Mecca & Madinah.

Our flight from Milan to Doha was on the 30th of December and we finally got to Mecca on the 31st morning. After checking in, resting and having dinner, we performed our umrah which took about 4 hours & welcomed the new year whilst doing our last lap of the sa'y. It was my 3rd time frequenting the holy land but it was my first time performing it while welcoming the new year. It was a memorable experience and we continued to stay in Mecca for 3 days to perform prayers before we head to over to Madinah to visit Prophet Muhammad's tomb.


milan, italy

02 February 2016
Milan was so incredibly beautiful. With the limited time we had (3 days), we could only sightsee from the car coz my family and I wanted to maximise our trip shopping. So aside from the scenic drive from Mount Titlis to Milan, for the duration of our stay, we only frequented the semi-outdoor Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll, Monte Napoleone street nearby and Milan Cathedral (duomo). They're all within near vicinities of each other so it was really accessible to walk from point A to point B. 

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