mount titlis, switzerland

20 January 2016
A few days before Christmas, my family & I flew to Zurich for a holiday. We were meant to stay in Zurich for 3 days but a change of plan manifested and we opted for the scenic pastures of Mount Titlis instead. We were here for 2 days and then on our 3rd day, we visited Lucerne (the shopping for watches capital!) for a day trip! This is the first post of my last week of 2015.

We didn't get to do much in Switzerland because we were still getting used to the time difference. For the first 3 days, we were in bed by 5pm and up by 3am in the morning. Hahaha gg.

Transit in Amsterdam via KL

Waiting for our domestic flight en-route to Zurich. We were having breakfast at the lounge earlier and found out that our gate was on the other side of the terminal. Quickest lunch of my life lol.

By this point, we've travelled over 19+ hours ZZZZ inclusive of transit time.

We've arrived Zurich!!! 

With Michael, our transport.

View of the mountains from the car

My adik, Shereen


All the surrounding peaks 

Driver pointing 'thats where we're going tomorrow' HAHA

Unparalleled view of the Swiss mountains from adik & I's room. 

After we freshened up a bit, we descended down to the village to explore the area and buy some food!

Despite the snow, the cold was actually very much tolerable. It's the kind that creeps and wraps itself like a blanket on your skin as time passes - unlike the harsh Melbourne wind that slices through your skin.

The village 

Granted we were jetlagged and were up by 3am. So I did a session of freeletics and watched the sunrise. I really do recommend you download Freeletics. I wanted to keep active as much as a holiday would allow. I couldn't do Kayla's BBG without gym equipment but the Freeletics app only requires your body weight. Its great for holidays and when you don't have a gym at your disposal. Instead of the 7 minute x4 circuits like BBG, you'd have to finish the exercises as quick as possible & the key thing is following the techniques shown to a T. Burpees demonstrated in Kayla varies very differently to one shown in Freeletics (and more strenuous!) The next time you do the same exercise, you'd want to beat your previous time. I genuinely love the app. So much so, I subscribed to the annual coaching program so I could get personalised workouts lol.


A glimpse of the village below

Breakfast with a view heheheh

Ski lift entrances to go up the peak

Each of the ski lift had a different world flag on it! I saw a Malaysian flag in one of them, hehe.

My mom's afraid of heights so she was squirming the whole time and my sister & I tried to scare her by moving a lot in the lift. Hahahahaha.

We've reached the peak on Mount Titlis! Here's a little trivia for you, the first time I heard my dad mention Mount Titlis, I misheard it as Mount Titties. LOL.

Blue skies go really well with snowy mountains :)

Seating area 

Throughout our first 2 days in Switzerland, we didn't see a single Asian (which is odd because we are seriously EVERYWHERE). Then come Mount Titlis and we saw so many! Hahaha trust us to come together at tourist spots. TRUST!!!

This elderly man looked so fashionable in his ski gear.
 I'm feeling your beige sweater, bro. I feel it, I feel it.

F!$@!(*$ my autofocus!!!! 

The peak 

Little skiers. I remembered when I went skiing in Melbourne last June and there were tons of little kids who went faster and more perilously than I did. Faiz attributed that to their fearless factor (check it out, its a thing).

Ayah slipping and dropping all of our water faces (HAHAHAH. Direct malay translation: jatuh air muka).

Family photo.
 I think, no, I know Mount Titlis was a great way to start our family holiday. Whether it was the cold weather, the snow, the endless croissants for breakfast or the mountains, there was a lot to bond, talk and laugh over. If there's anything I believe with an every inch of my heart is that family always comes first. No matter what. I don't really believe the whole blood is thicker than water, but I do believe that family (either your flesh and blood or those you choose to adopt as family), should and always be prioritised first. 

We sipped on hot chocolate for a while before we descended down for our lunch

The view down

There's something about the rough, ragged edges on the mountain and the thin air that cuts into your lungs. The kind of air that reminds you why you're alive.

Resting on the valley of the mountain, there's a restaurant serving lunch

My adik complained I never post photos of her in my blog so I'm gonna fill it as much with her face as I can!!! 


Everything was in German so we had to keep asking the employees what each item meant to which they patiently replied!

This holiday also marked the first one ever, where I didn't bring a single handbag!!!! After the enjoyable experience in Mornington with Faiz, I just decided to bring only my backpack. My parents said it was a good idea too coz we were going to Milan after. Didn't make sense to bring a bunch of bags and clothes when we were going shopping -_- 

Ibu & Ayah. My backbone.

 My sister and I always carry her when she starts to nag and then the room ceases with echos of nagging and fills itself with her contagious laugh! I love and will miss this the most about my mother, her kind and mellifluous laughter. 

After spending a whole afternoon at Mount Titlis, we went to the village again to stroll around. We went around Christmas so there were very little shops open for business. No matter!! We enjoyed the facade of the buildings and our walks and talks.

Bakery selling yummy pastries and bread! We came here diligently on all 3 days to stock up every night. I also had croissants for breakfast every morning with copious layers of fresh havarti cheese.


I really love looking at the architecture and how each style varies from different countries. 

Our trip wouldn't be complete without having cheese fondue with pieces of bread! 

This was taken on our 3rd and final day in Switzerland before we bid it goodbye and commence our 4 hour drive to Milan, Italy!

The next post will be our day trip to Lucerne! We wanted to enjoy another side to Switzerland and have a crash course on the watch capital hahahaha. I'll try posting again ASAP because I'm going to KK on Thursday to visit my family and Faiz and I doubt I'll be bringing my laptop. 

We went to 3 different countries so each location will have its own individual post! 
I've done Mount Titlis. So I still have: 
1. Lucerne, Switzerland
2. Milan, Italy
3. Mecca + Madinah, Saudi Arabia 

I hope everyone has a beautifully happy and sunny day, wherever you are.

Lots of love,

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