11 December 2015
Can I just say..... WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!! 
It is hands down THE most exhilarating thing I have ever done in my life! I was honestly expecting feeling nervous and jittery-ness but I swear, I was so calm & collected the whole time it scared me a bit. I really thought it was the calm before the storm (i.e. death) BUT IT WASN'T! Looking back at it on hindsight, I think  I felt calm before because I've been waiting for this moment for soooo long and so, I was unconsciously prepared for it.. Well, mentally, at least.

The whole experience took about 4 hours. There was a lot of waiting beforehand due to air traffic congestion. Driving to the airport from the skydiving center took about 20 minutes, the ascend 14000ft took about 15 minutes & the whole dive was 6 minutes (1 minute freefalling & 5 minutes with a parachute). 

I was literally buzzing with adrenaline hoooours after, I had trouble sleeping. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!! I'd definitely do it again, probably after I graduate uni in 2017. 

About to jump off the plane

The view of the sea from the plane



You're suppose to cross your arms & place them on your shoulder then when your tandem master (guy I'm attached to) signals you by patting your shoulder 3 times, you can let your arm roam free



I really should conjure up more adjectives than 'amazing'. Tbh when you're freefalling for 50 seconds, there's too much going on, you're not really taking in anything.. You're just enjoying the fall!

Then the tandem master pulls the parachute open & you can feel this immense force pulling you back!

Parachuting across St. Kilda beach

Telling me that I can take over and maneuvre the parachute now for a bit

Thats me guiding us :D

The most significant memory I had while parachuting was the deafening silence. The silence was almost deafening if it wasn't for Stevie talking. Did you know tandem masters like himself can skydive up to 11 times a day!!!! 

Preparing to land....

Almost there!!! After we landed, I ran over to Faiz & start exclaiming my enthusiasm & thanks!!! Hahahaha we just walked around St. Kilda beach for an hour or 2 before driving back to the city.


LANDED! Hahahahaha

After the skydive experience, Faiz & I walked along St. Kilda beach for about 1.5 hours! When we got home, I checked the pedometer on my iPhone & found that I walked for over 22000+ steps!!!! How insane is that??? Usually we walk about 4000+ on average. INSANE!

I think I'm in the process of being an adrenaline junkie!!! The next on my list is bungee jumping! 
Anyway, I just came back from Mornington Peninsula a few hours ago & I was there for 3 days & did lots of things so I'll try and process the photos ASAP & break it down as soon as I can. 

I've got a fair bit of graduation ceremonies coming up so I'll be a bit caught up. 
Hope everyone's having an awesome day!!!! 

Lots of love,
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