night noodle market 2015

05 December 2015
2nd year going to the NNM, but this time round with the su(ming)² clan!! Last year I went during the day, this year I went around sunset. Weather was definitely warmer than last year's for some reason but loads of fun/yummy food nevertheless :) 

Unlike the previous year, I didn't spend a whole day at Birrarung Mar (venue). Ika, Faiz & I went around dinnertime 8pm and they close at 1030pm, so we weren't blessed with ample time. By the time we got there, we were ravenously hungry so we just bought whatever we saw & sat down to chat. 

Next year I'll make sure to pop down early & try as much as I can!!! 

All the stalls definitely upped the ante in terms of decor!!! Thoroughly pleased + impressed with everything!

Ghost Kitchen comes to Melbourne Uni's farmers market too!!! I've tried their potato rosti.

MALAYSIAAAAA, I'll be home in less than 2 weeks!! 

I like your jumpsuit girlllll 

Lanterns everywhere

It was cloudy but really warm so can't complain!!

Creme brulee cart grew significantly since the last time I saw it

Fortune kitties!!!!!

Waffle on a stick

Watermelon cake!!!

Milo ?!?!! How reminiscent.


Seaweed tacos

Hope everyone's having a good day!!!

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