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20 December 2015
Even though we weren't really strict with the activities, when it came to matters of restaurants, Faiz & I did a fair bit of research on where to eat. Another reason why I love my man is due to the fact that he is soooo easy to please when it comes to food. He'll eat anything and try any sort of weird/exotic flavours. As such it was pleasantly easy to look for and decide on places! Also proud to say that we were over the moon with all the restaurants + cafes we frequented (thanks Zomato reviewers!!!)

Mornington Peninsula's situated near the coastline so of couuuurse, our first meal would be seafood! 

View of the port from the carpark 

Yes, I am aware that Faiz has nicer skin than me

We saw dogs waddling in the water and deduced the beach was pet-friendly! 

The Rocks is adjacent to the beach so we had to walk across the sand! No complaints, I enjoyed the walk and view hehe.

We stayed till about 9ish so we could see a glimpse of the sun setting. The sun sets at around 920pm-ish in Melbourne during summer time!

I'm really happy to say that this trip was taken with mostly the ricoh & xt-1. It felt surprisingly liberating not having to shuffle between all my cameras AND my iPhone to instagram/snapchat etc. So all I had to focus on was taking HD photos. We did use the iPhone occasionally but just for selfies. 

Oysters. I like my oysters natural but Faiz likes his with drizzles of lemon and tabasco.

King salmon sushi blow torched with sambal chilli mayo!

AKA aburi-ed salmon sashimi! Yum

My main, fish and chips! Can't go wrong with a good batter!!!

Faiz's lamb shoulder. I think it was slow cooked for 12 hours or something ridiculous like that, so the meat just fell off the bone! Tender goodness hnngggg

Potatoes roasted in duck fat. I welcome all sorts of fat in my life lol.

Our dessert! Chocolate mousse with hazelnut gelato and raspberry coulis.

The bistro's located 20 minutes away from Mornington but we made the drive anyway after reading all the positive reviews! After having our meal here, we could really tell they were made with fresh ingredients and had so much love in them. 

Fairy lights Christmas tree

Wooden interiors

Outside sitting area. Weather was too hot so we opted to sit inside.

Faiz's response to my 'strike a pose!' hahahaha

They also had an art gallery inside!

I LOVE IT when restaurants give bread and butter whilst we wait for our food. People say its such a waste of stomach space but I don't think that way at all!!! The more carbs the better lol. I don't discriminate against any types of bread but my favourite is sourdough.

Our appetiser, cheese on sourdough with a slice of anchovy

My steak and chips with generous blocks of melted butter 

Faiz's crispy duck confit with polenta chips

Our dessert. Peach and blueberry frangipane

Uncle sitting alone on his me-time.

Our quick breakfast before we went tree surfing!


Flat white for me

Latte for Faiz

Chilli scrambled eggs

Brioche french toast 

Another thing I realised.. Faiz and I became less greedy on this trip (relatively....). We would usually order 2 mains and a dessert for brunch but this time we only had 2 mains! We decided to come up with a system. If it was only the 2 of us, we'd only order 1 savoury dish & 1 sweet dish.

We were really hungry after tree surfing for 3 hours and being under the sun the whole day! So we grabbed lunch at Dee's Kitchen. They serve a fusion of Mediterranean flavours so defo party in my mouth hahaha.

All smiles and sunburnt!

My fried chicken with a grain salad

Faiz's classic hummus with pita bread

Our dessert! I had the baklava and Faiz had some rosewater custard with blueberries.

Holding our leftover baklavas

Of course we had to eat Japanese.. Both of our ultimate favourite cuisine! We opted for something light coz we had a 8pm session for the hot springs. Didn't want to feel too sluggish. 

I only travelled with my colourful handbag & 1 backpack to carry around during the day. I only used the handbag twice this trip, 1 for the beach and for our dinner at 10 Minutes by Tractor. I usually use this brown leather bag for uni, so it was my first time roaming around the streets with a backpack! I should think I'll be bringing this around more often when I travel. Can't say how convenient it is to have all my cameras and essentials, carried in a comfortable way!


Our sushi boat

And that sums up where we ate in Mornington! I didn't upload food pictures from our anniversary dinner at 10 Minutes by Tractor because its in my other memory card & I left it back in Melbourne :( So I'll be doing a belated post on that maybe next year in Feb or March. 

Have a good day!!! 

Lots of love, 
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