hot springs & dromona beach

23 December 2015
Another thing we couldn't predict was how much this trip ended up being so... Beachy. We ended up going to a few beaches and just taking our time walking from one end to another. Faiz is such a good sport, Faiz gets burnt really easy where-as I on the other hand, rarely burn. But not even ONCE did I hear him complain or whine :( I made sure we were taking a pit stop every hour or so, just to reapply sunscreen. Alas, he still got considerably burnt at the end of the trip and I got significantly tanner - but we made up our mind that it was all worth it! 

For day 2 we went tree-surfing then had lunch at Dee's Kitchen after. There was a beach nearby, so when we were done with lunch we checked it out and did a little walk so we could digest better??? Hahahaha.


Felt grateful for the clear blue skies & warm weather! 

This beach is faultless.

Cool waters on my warm skin

Clear waters

It wasn't as secluded as Merricks Beach but it was no less special :)

After the beach we got really, really tired so we just rested for a bit, had early dinner at Yuzu then we were off to hot springs! Anyone who's been to Mornington will and almost always recommend the hot springs as a MUST-go spot. We came at around 8pm and stayed until closing time 10pm. The weather was getting chilly, which meant it was the most ideal weather to go submerge yourself in 40˚c! The idea of watching the sunset in hot springs reservoirs was exciting too!!


Pathway leading up to the entrance 
(I know these past few posts have been filled with trees & greenery, but what can I say? I have such a soft spot for them!)

Faiz and I brought our swimsuits and rented bath robes so we could explore the place and jump from one hot spring to another without freezing our butts off. The whole place was articulately planned out and the hot springs were all strategically placed around the lake. There was another hilly area where we could ascend up to and hot springs with various temps (the highest temperature being on the top). We also checked out the Turkish bathing rooms, which was basically a humid sauna.

Reflexology path 

The bath robes that saved our lives from the cold

Hot springs!!! I was seriously impressed with how clean and well-maintained everything was. 

You're meant to take the cold plunge a few times just to 'refresh' your system or something like that but it was too cold so we didn't bother. 

Frolicking around the lake!

Enjoyed the fairy lights intertwined on the trees

When the day got darker

We reached the top of the hot springs!!! There was only one pool and the views were absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!! The water was the hottest we've been in, too!

When its too full then you take turns waiting I guess...

During sunset :) 

From inside the pool

I can't describe how nice it is, when the cold wind is whistling in your face but half your body's submerged in warm water.

People getting up and leaving coz it was closing soon

Shitty photo but we had a clear view of the stars! One day when I learn astrophotography, I'm gonna look back on this photo & think 'damn I was such a noob' hahahaha. 

Thats the end to day 2!!!

I've got one last post coming up next. So far here's post 1, 2, 3 :) 

Lots of love,
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