enchanted maze & tree surfing

23 December 2015
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Can't believe I've updated 5 times in the last week! But I've done it!!! And here we are on the last post of the trip. Technically, I've still got our anniversary dinner at 10 Minutes by Tractor but expect that post sometime after next year :) 

This is one of my most FAVOURITE activities of all time. I love trees and I love doing obstacles, you put the two together & you get tree surfing! In Dec 2013, when Faiz & I were in Dandenong, our first activities there was tree surfing! So this is the 2nd tree surfing venue we've checked out together. 

En route to tree surfing via Arthurs Seat

Breathtaking views at 9am

Feeling sentimental coz I live on Franklin St back in the city! Hahahaha

Not a cloud in the sky!!! 

Fountain after you pass the entrance. The maze is situated right before the white tent in the photo.

View of the lake from the coffeehouse 

Hedge maze! Our second one together :)

Faiz was really impressed with how well the employees took care of the garden + maze etc. Daresay its far more well maintained than Ashcombe's maze & lavender garden!

In the middle of taking out something from the bag

Just to show how tall the maze really are. I'm 5'3 (161cm)!

Faiz is 6'1 (183cm)!!

Tree in the center of the maze

After the maze, we went to check out the garden! Our treesurfing session is at 1030am so we had ample time to browse around.

We frolicked and lazed around for a while then it was time to go get briefed on harnesses & tree surfing safety!

Our harness

After we were done tree-surfing, we agreed the one in Dandenong's far more challenging and exciting! There were variations in obstacles and height where-as the obstacles in Mornington became repetitive after a while.

Happy face after completing all 5 levels!!!! 

We checked out the tube slides after! Faiz was too tired so I went ahead!!

Thats me!!!!! Hahahaha.

Tyre maze/puzzle

& thats our 2 year-anniversary trip summed up! 

Life has been great with Faiz these past couple of years. He's taught me a great deal about patience and a greater deal about myself. He pulled me out of a dark hole and encouraged me to be the best person I could be..
I have never shared my heart with anyone more gentle-hearted, humble, patient and loving. 
I am excited to see what the future carries for #suming :) 

this will be my last post for the year of 2015. I'll be flying off to Zurich, Switzerland tonight for a few nights then to Milan, Italy for a couple of nights before celebrating new years in Mecca & Medina until the 6th of January! I won't be bringing my laptop with me so no updates while I'm away. 
I want to maximise family time during these holidays hehehe. 

Also plan on catching up on my reading. 
I'm currently reading Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin and it's a great book about habits and her personal experience on cultivating and maintaining it.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful new year!!! 

Lots of love,
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