merricks beach

19 December 2015
Every year since 2013 (we got together on 11-12-13 thanks to Faiz's apt planning heheheh), we try to go somewhere outside of Melbourne to explore & spend some quality time together. The first 2 years we went to the Dandenong Ranges but this year we wanted something different and headed on to Mornington Peninsula! Its an hour's drive from the city so it wasn't too far. There were definitely more things to do here than in Dandenong so we're planning on coming back again next year!!

We spent 3 days in Mornington - going to beaches, hot spring, mazes, tree-surfing & stuffing our faces with all sorts of yummy food. I love going on adventures with Faiz, his laidback-anything-goes demeanour is really endearing & I can't love him enough for that. The trip's itinerary wasn't strict at all, we kinda played it by ear but everything went along smoothly with lots of unexpected perks (this post is the first one)!! 

After lunch in Merricks Bistro, we were meant to head to Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Farm but a couple of minutes after our drive we found a little signboard with 'Merrick Beach' on the side of the road & IABSOLUTELYLOVEBEACHES; so I said to Faiz "pull over, this is our first detour."

I realised there weren't many cars parked around & the idea of having a deserted beach to ourselves thrilled me to no end. Before we got to the actual beach, there was a fair bit of walking along this sandy path; it felt a bit like a quest. And when we got there....  Let's just say it was the best beach experience of my life.

Woman and toddler exiting the beach, leaving it all to Faiz & I (at least for a while anyway).

As we got closer, we started to see a glimpse of the electric blue beach..

AND WE'RE HERE! With no-one around!!!!! I can't even begin to describe the feeling that ran through me, discovering a beautiful, secluded beach. It felt like a snapshot straight from a movie.

 I really, really do live for unexpected detours like these.

I started taking my camera out & snapping moments while Faiz entertained himself with pebbles & rocks.

Then I started snapping photos of rocks that Faiz found "cool" or "cute" hahahahaha.
He has a really interesting way of describing rocks he likes :P

Not a single soul but us.

Rock throwing! But the wind was too strong so it just flew sideways hahaha.

Sand on my feet

Love of my life! What a good trooper :) 

How picturesque IS THIS PLACE?!?!?!

There's a funny story behind our combined name, suming. Faiz and I were eating cupcakes one day in Jan 2014 and I was strolling down Instagram. I think a friend got married & I realised that when people get married, they always combine their two names together. Anyway, this is the conversation that followed.

Me: "Look at those couples with their names nicely combined."
Faiz: "Yeah, imagine ours.... Suming. or Mahaili."

HAHAH I had a real good laugh after. We were always joking around with that name but over time, it started to grow on us. And yes, I realise how hideous Suming sounds but compared to Mahaili???? My chinese friends even told me that Mahaili sounds like a bad word in chinese. So Suming VS Mahaili? Suming sounds like the lesser evil really. HAHA trying to justify our bad choices.

After a while we saw these individuals walked in so we saw it as a cue to leave for the next activity on our list!

The walk towards the car-park. I love how hidden it is from view, it feels so gratifying when you finally get to see it.

I'll be posting again tomorrow with a couple of posts (fingers crossed)! I'm back in KL for summer break until late february so I'll be regurtitating photos like no tomorrow. 

I hope everyone's having a great day!!!! 
P.S: I'll be starting a new tradition starting this year, creating a new label for every anniversary Faiz & I have. (sumingturns2)

Lots of love,
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