ashcombe maze & lavender farm

21 December 2015
Our first maze together! We went to 2 different mazes this trip. The Ashcombe maze & the Enchanted maze in tree surfing. Ashcombe maze is the oldest hedge maze in Australia, so it was definitely heartwarming to know that there is so much history here. Faiz and I just stayed here for 3 hours, walking around, navigating our way through the mazes & smelling the lavenders lol. Another aspect of the trip that I loved was so relaxed everything was, we took our own time with the activities and didn't rush through anything. The area was ginormous; there were 2 huge mazes and lots of different focal areas with different sorts of flowers and trees!

There's a ton of photos to get through so I'll let you get through it :) 

Beautiful hedges from the outside, shielding the maze.

Entrance from the carpark 

Article on the maze if you wanna know more.

Coffee house in the middle of everything

Entrance to the maze. We were supposed to go in through here, but we didn't read the signs properly and entered through the exit hahahahaha.

We entered through this center pieced fountain.... So anti-climatic to walk through this only to find yourself in a plain exit at the end.

 I asked the maze's employee if there was any way we could see the maze from a bird eye point of view but she said no so here's a poster for you guys on how it looks like lol.

About to enter the maze!!! Look how excited he looks hahaha. Faiz & I really enjoy sightseeing & doing touristy things. Whenever I travel with my family, we do a bit of sightseeing but most of the time we spend our time shopping and exploring streets.

In the maze

Flowers by the fountain

Into the maze we go!!!

The maze's is TALLLLLL. You really can't see where you're navigating (thats why its called a maze, captain obvious sara lol). It was fun getting lost and finding dead ends then having to retrace our steps again.

We had to go through many of these stick tunnels.

HAHA I dunno why he did this

But I just follow lah

Grumpy after photo #271904810291

Obligatory couple 'follow me' photo. Forgive us never do before lol

I guess for emergencies just in case someone gets stuck in the maze???

After the maze, we went to check the different gardens in the area, the rose maze & the lake!

Entertained by so many different species and colours!!

Rose maze! It was a medium sized hedge with different coloured roses.

Neon orange!?!?!?!

Looking at the roses brought back a lot of nostalgic feelings. When I was still living in KK, my mom had a rose garden on the 2nd floor and it was just filled with soooooooo many roses and I remembered my dad kept joking he's gonna come in one day and spray insect repellent on all of them so they die. She'd retort she'll break all his golf clubs hahahaha.

Taking a break from all the heat. Dat Asian squattt!

The path towards the lake. Felt like I was in Nicole Kidman's movie The Others lol.

THE LAKE!!! We went here on a weekday so there was barely anyone. It was nice, having the whole place to ourselves again :)

Serenely quiet

Carried my backpack so I could fully focus taking photos!!!! So considerate I cannot.

Outside the lavender garden

Lavender farm!??!?!?! There were obvious disparities in terms of the grade of lavender hahaha. Some areas were pale like the above and some were really bright purple like below.

Plucked a few lavenders too hahahaha.

Reminded me of Matilda's Ms. Bee's garden. Roald Dahl is my childhood author. Faiz grew up reading Enid Blyton, I grew up reading Roald Dahl's books (Matilda is my favourite!). For our 1 year anniversary last year, Faiz gave me Roald Dahl's complete collection of works. It is one of my most prized possessions to date :)

Open-aired gazebo!

Rich colours

Thoroughly enjoyed the drive in between the trees and sunlight and shadows.

Lots of fountains everywhere

Syiok sendiri on the bridge hahahaha

Wrote on the visitors book before we left!!! Faiz's in charge of all the writing in visitors books coz I have shitty handwriting compared to his haha #iaccept.

Our acorn!!! We grabbed one from a tree as a 'souvenir' hahahaha. I kept telling Faiz to say sorry to the forest. Old folks (especially Malays) say never to take anything back from the forest or beaches coz you don't know if any 'thing' resides in it. Later follow you home lol hahaha. 

Have a good day everyone!!! 

Lots of love,
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