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02 December 2015

My first attempt at street photography. For as long as I can remember, I've always been drawn to photographers who showcase their flair for street photog. It intrigued me, seeing the world from another person's perspective/lens. The Fujifilm's fixed focal length (35mm or 50mm full frame equivalent) felt very confined, not allowing me to take in as much as I would've liked. 

I went to Queen Victoria Market with my parents & then just strolled around Melbourne CBD - dragging Faiz along as I snap photos of things/places/people. I hope you enjoy this little series. I enjoy street photography so much I've created a new label for it :) 

The weather was crisp, accompanied by a cloudless blue sky (my favourite kinda weather)!!!! 

I found this really endearing - the man on the left was trying on hats then had to squat down a bit to show his girlfriend coz she's a bit shorter than he is!!!! 

People in this city's got so much free time on their hands... Start knitting trees... 

All sort of fresh flowers

I call this - man in a poncho

Man 2 in a poncho

Man who seems very engrossed with his reading

Homemade soaps! After I took this photo, the man in the hat nudged me over to see the photo & then he casually said.. "okay that'll be $2". I know he was just joking lah but I never know what to do when the situation arises so I just laugh then walk away...

He's got a proper truck in the market.... This is a photo of a man who has no fucks to give.

I said the sweaters looked pretty nice but Faiz said they looked ghastly. Lame. 

Borrowed a mirror

DOUGHNUTS!!!! If you go on the weekends, there's always a ridiculously long line. 100% worth the effort though. Queueing up for fresh & hot doughnuts with a jam filling.

Trotting behind my parents walking past the state library

Shadow play

You'll never fail to find people lying outside the State Library, maximising Melbourne's temperamental weather.

Caramel coated peanuts 

After my parents flew back to Malaysia, Faiz & I went out the day after to stroll around & watch people again. Heheh. Weather's been really good for the past 2 weeks.

Near Exhibition St

My faithful companion - never complaining once as I drag him out around the city!!! 

Moments where I wished my camera's autofocus didn't fail on me 

Going down Bourke St

No sense of shame whatsoever

Lonsdale St

Swanston St

Inside Melbourne Central

Dancing in intricate saris

I don't have much to say since I've been updating so frequently.. Went to the Night Noodle Market last weekend so I'll be posting photos for that tomorrow! Lots of exciting things planned for this week & the next. Going skydiving on Saturday & then next week Faiz & I are going to Mornington Peninsula for our 2 year anniversary!

I've been feeling really happy and contented. Making use what little remaining days I have in Melbourne before I fly back to KL on the 18th this month. 

I hope everyone's having the best of their days - I sure am :)

Lots of love,

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