enchanted maze & tree surfing

23 December 2015
Post 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Can't believe I've updated 5 times in the last week! But I've done it!!! And here we are on the last post of the trip. Technically, I've still got our anniversary dinner at 10 Minutes by Tractor but expect that post sometime after next year :) 

This is one of my most FAVOURITE activities of all time. I love trees and I love doing obstacles, you put the two together & you get tree surfing! In Dec 2013, when Faiz & I were in Dandenong, our first activities there was tree surfing! So this is the 2nd tree surfing venue we've checked out together. 

En route to tree surfing via Arthurs Seat

hot springs & dromona beach

Another thing we couldn't predict was how much this trip ended up being so... Beachy. We ended up going to a few beaches and just taking our time walking from one end to another. Faiz is such a good sport, Faiz gets burnt really easy where-as I on the other hand, rarely burn. But not even ONCE did I hear him complain or whine :( I made sure we were taking a pit stop every hour or so, just to reapply sunscreen. Alas, he still got considerably burnt at the end of the trip and I got significantly tanner - but we made up our mind that it was all worth it! 

For day 2 we went tree-surfing then had lunch at Dee's Kitchen after. There was a beach nearby, so when we were done with lunch we checked it out and did a little walk so we could digest better??? Hahahaha.



ashcombe maze & lavender farm

21 December 2015
Our first maze together! We went to 2 different mazes this trip. The Ashcombe maze & the Enchanted maze in tree surfing. Ashcombe maze is the oldest hedge maze in Australia, so it was definitely heartwarming to know that there is so much history here. Faiz and I just stayed here for 3 hours, walking around, navigating our way through the mazes & smelling the lavenders lol. Another aspect of the trip that I loved was so relaxed everything was, we took our own time with the activities and didn't rush through anything. The area was ginormous; there were 2 huge mazes and lots of different focal areas with different sorts of flowers and trees!

There's a ton of photos to get through so I'll let you get through it :) 

food adventures in mornington

20 December 2015
Even though we weren't really strict with the activities, when it came to matters of restaurants, Faiz & I did a fair bit of research on where to eat. Another reason why I love my man is due to the fact that he is soooo easy to please when it comes to food. He'll eat anything and try any sort of weird/exotic flavours. As such it was pleasantly easy to look for and decide on places! Also proud to say that we were over the moon with all the restaurants + cafes we frequented (thanks Zomato reviewers!!!)

Mornington Peninsula's situated near the coastline so of couuuurse, our first meal would be seafood! 

merricks beach

19 December 2015
Every year since 2013 (we got together on 11-12-13 thanks to Faiz's apt planning heheheh), we try to go somewhere outside of Melbourne to explore & spend some quality time together. The first 2 years we went to the Dandenong Ranges but this year we wanted something different and headed on to Mornington Peninsula! Its an hour's drive from the city so it wasn't too far. There were definitely more things to do here than in Dandenong so we're planning on coming back again next year!!

We spent 3 days in Mornington - going to beaches, hot spring, mazes, tree-surfing & stuffing our faces with all sorts of yummy food. I love going on adventures with Faiz, his laidback-anything-goes demeanour is really endearing & I can't love him enough for that. The trip's itinerary wasn't strict at all, we kinda played it by ear but everything went along smoothly with lots of unexpected perks (this post is the first one)!! 

After lunch in Merricks Bistro, we were meant to head to Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Farm but a couple of minutes after our drive we found a little signboard with 'Merrick Beach' on the side of the road & IABSOLUTELYLOVEBEACHES; so I said to Faiz "pull over, this is our first detour."

I realised there weren't many cars parked around & the idea of having a deserted beach to ourselves thrilled me to no end. Before we got to the actual beach, there was a fair bit of walking along this sandy path; it felt a bit like a quest. And when we got there....  Let's just say it was the best beach experience of my life.


11 December 2015
Can I just say..... WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!! 
It is hands down THE most exhilarating thing I have ever done in my life! I was honestly expecting feeling nervous and jittery-ness but I swear, I was so calm & collected the whole time it scared me a bit. I really thought it was the calm before the storm (i.e. death) BUT IT WASN'T! Looking back at it on hindsight, I think  I felt calm before because I've been waiting for this moment for soooo long and so, I was unconsciously prepared for it.. Well, mentally, at least.

The whole experience took about 4 hours. There was a lot of waiting beforehand due to air traffic congestion. Driving to the airport from the skydiving center took about 20 minutes, the ascend 14000ft took about 15 minutes & the whole dive was 6 minutes (1 minute freefalling & 5 minutes with a parachute). 

I was literally buzzing with adrenaline hoooours after, I had trouble sleeping. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!! I'd definitely do it again, probably after I graduate uni in 2017. 

night noodle market 2015

05 December 2015
2nd year going to the NNM, but this time round with the su(ming)² clan!! Last year I went during the day, this year I went around sunset. Weather was definitely warmer than last year's for some reason but loads of fun/yummy food nevertheless :) 

Unlike the previous year, I didn't spend a whole day at Birrarung Mar (venue). Ika, Faiz & I went around dinnertime 8pm and they close at 1030pm, so we weren't blessed with ample time. By the time we got there, we were ravenously hungry so we just bought whatever we saw & sat down to chat. 

Next year I'll make sure to pop down early & try as much as I can!!! 

an outsider's perspective

02 December 2015

My first attempt at street photography. For as long as I can remember, I've always been drawn to photographers who showcase their flair for street photog. It intrigued me, seeing the world from another person's perspective/lens. The Fujifilm's fixed focal length (35mm or 50mm full frame equivalent) felt very confined, not allowing me to take in as much as I would've liked. 

I went to Queen Victoria Market with my parents & then just strolled around Melbourne CBD - dragging Faiz along as I snap photos of things/places/people. I hope you enjoy this little series. I enjoy street photography so much I've created a new label for it :) 

The weather was crisp, accompanied by a cloudless blue sky (my favourite kinda weather)!!!! 

girls who love food & desserts

01 December 2015
Celebrated my 21st with the gals. Can't believe its our 3rd year celebrating birthdays together & 2 of the girls in the group are graduating uni!!!!!!!! A day of good news, Kimmy also got accepted into Melbourne Uni Law School post grad! So proud of her!!! No.1 law school in Australia.. You've made it Kim! You made it to mordor!!! HAHAHA #LordoftheRingreference

Anyway we went to to have dinner at Sugar Prawn then had dessert at Hell of the North. Didn't take much food pics so here are photos of my wonderful girls & I.

Complete 5! HUGS!
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